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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Wedding

May 17, 2018

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the event industry, it’s that some things are unpredictable. As much as we’d like to say that the planning process is easy, the reality is that you’re bound to run into some inevitable difficulties. We’re here to help you avoid some potential mistakes that can be managed by proper planning.

Here are three common mistakes to avoid when planning your wedding:

Selecting the wrong venue

Choosing a venue is as important to your vision as it is to your budget.  There are several factors to consider when choosing your venue – guest capacity, pricing, etc. Consider if the venue needs a lot of transformation to fit your aesthetic vision, or if you like it the way it is. If it needs transformation, make sure you can budget for that. Find out what is included at the venue, and what you would need to bring in on your own.

Also, make sure that it holds the right capacity for you. Be sure to find out how many guests can be seated with a dance floor and that there is ample room to include a large enough dance floor and additional elements like your entertainment, bars and food tables.

Keeping a flexible budget

Be sure that you’re leaving enough space in your wedding budget for last minute needs and unexpected expenses. While the venue, flowers food/beverage and vendors are all important elements of your wedding day, there may be some items that have not been considered. Event space fees, transportation costs and taxes and service charges are just a few examples.

Also, keep in mind, when looking at your options, you may prefer the more expensive options to the lesser expensive ones in several potential categories of the planning. If you want some flexibility to be able to include some upgrades then allow for that room in your budget.

Thinking everything on Pinterest can be yours

Pinterest is a great tool for event design and décor ideas; however, it can also be misleading to be able recreate what you see within your own budget. Look through your wedding board and consider what design elements you love and what elements you can live without. Is there a common theme in all of your pins? You may have to choose between that beautiful ceremony backdrop or that fabulous escort card display. You will have to decide what your priorities are.