– Allie and Cameron Heyward

– Mary Pat and Lee

– Freya and Steve

– Sara

– Kelly and John

– Lisa and Jim

– Nicole and Joe

“(We) can truly
say that we were able to actually sit back and enjoy our guests and the actual
party knowing that you were making things happen behind the scene and
keeping everything on track. We can’t imagine ever having a major event without
having it Perfectly Planned by Shari. I hope that anyone planning a party in
the future understand the importance and the value of your service”

– Bernadette and Paul

  “As the wedding guru of the family (think “27 Dresses”) nearly every question in the
planning process was thrown my way. Shari saved my sanity by taking care of so
many details that would have otherwise fallen to me. She was present at the wedding,
but not in the way; made sure things stayed on track, but wasn’t pushy. Anything I
asked her about had already been taken care of or was resolved so quickly that
I forgot the question had ever come up. My family and I were able to enjoy the
wedding rather than running around making sure things got done.
By the end of my sister’s wedding my father, who was completely resistant to
the idea of a wedding planner in the first place, said that in retrospect he would
have hired Shari for the whole event rather than just the day of. Thanks for everything!”

– Alexis M. (Maid of Honor/Sister of a Bride)


“I just wanted to thank you personally for all of your
hard work to make (this event) a success! Your ideas and input were

– Angela K.


“Everyone was very impressed and we had a wonderful time.
You do very solid detailed work! I would recommend you to anyone…”

– Tom and Marcy


“What can we say but, thank you. Without your help and
guidance the party would not have been nearly (as) successful as it was. You
kept us on track with key decisions and pushed us until you got the answers.
That’s what we needed”

– Betty and Larry



“What a wonderful party. I couldn’t have pulled it off
without you. You are a very pleasant, professional, and together person. You
made it all very easy!”

– Mary

“Thank you for doing such a beautiful job planning our
wedding! Your help was invaluable- we couldn’t have done it without you. All of
the vendors that you suggested were excellent, and you did a fantastic job
coordinating everything. Thank you for all of your hard work and for making our
dream wedding come to life!”

– Caitlin and Burak

“Thank you for planning our wedding. The day was everything
I imagined it would be only far more elegant.”

– Mandy and Luke


“(We) can’t find enough or the right words to express our
gratitude for making our wedding absolutely perfect…. People are saying it was
the best wedding they’ve been to. You have such talent and vision. We were so
lucky to have found you”

– Jaclyn and Jason

“I wanted to thank you for all of your help before and
during the wedding. We couldn’t have asked for a more capable and attentive
wedding coordinator! And you definitely went above and beyond the call of
duty-especially when you ironed dad’s tuxedo pants!”

– Jenifer


“(We) just wanted to say thank you and that you did a
great job. We had a great time and everything was beautiful”

– Mahreen and Brandon


“You did an outstanding job on the wedding! It was
perfect, everyone was in a mythical state, from the breathtaking room, fabulous
food, perfect music to a happy ending! You are a living doll. Thanks for

– Angela M.

“How can we ever thank you enough for helping to make our
wedding day ideas and actual reality? We enjoyed working with you and are very
grateful for everything you were able to do to make our big day feel even
bigger and better than we could have imagined. These memories you helped us to
create will be special to us forever.”

– Liza and Adam

“Thank you for all
your hard work- you helped to make our day beautiful and stress free! I was
very happy with your recommendations; everything turned out great.”

– Katherine and Jim


“Thank you so much for everything you did to make our wedding so
fantastic. From start to finish it was everything we hoped it would be and more
which was largely due to you. We appreciated all the work you did and are
thrilled at how everything turned out.”

– Reid and Emma

“Thank you so much for all your indispensable help- we
would truly be clueless without your guidance and aid. It was such a pleasure
to work with you during the last year- I will miss talking to you.”

-Karen and Tom

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