Hospitality Event Training & Consulting

“Developing and honing skills and best practices for hospitality industry event personnel.”

Shari Zatman, DMCP, who founded the Perfectly Planned by Shari event planning and management service, has filled a significant gap and need in the hospitality event industry.

She has created a unique training course and instructional handbook that is designed and customized for employees with temporary or permanent event venue responsibilities. The curriculum is based on her close to 25 years of experience as a Professional Event Planner and business owner in the event industry, where she has in-depth knowledge of hospitality and event venue requirements.

An ongoing reality is that there are tremendous staffing shortages and employee turnover in the hospitality industry, partially as a result of the pandemic. The industry is seeing a greater need to properly educate and skill the personnel filling event planning and execution roles. Because of this, management may not have either the time or the available event knowledge and set of capabilities for those assigned with event production to hit the ground running.

Making certain that employees with event responsibilities can plan and communicate at a professional level, ensuring a satisfactory result, is the bottom line. To meet this goal, employee performance and commitment are crucial. Shari’s instruction, focusing on best practices and immediately applicable skills, will better equip employees and enable them to be more comfortable in their roles. Further, it is also less costly to properly train staff in event development and management than to replace them.

Seminar and Event Training Handbook

In this one-day seminar, attendees will receive a custom Hospitality Event Handbook created by Shari Zatman, DMCP which follows along with the course curriculum.

The content is applicable for a variety of event types from social to corporate and can be applied to weddings, conferences, meetings, parties, etc.

Seminar Content:

The content includes 16 units covering the following topics, as well as much more:
  • Sales and Client Interface
  • Communication, Professionalism and Etiquette
  • Event Details and Client Intake
  • Event Space Layout
  • Venue Equipment Specifications
  • Event Décor and Venue Inventory
  • Set Up, Timeline and Turnover
  • Catering and Dining Services
  • Event Staffing and Logistics
  • Rigging, Power and Audio Visual
  • Banquet Event Orders
  • Onsite Event Management and Direction
On-Site Hospitality Consulting

As a further value to the course curriculum and handbook, Shari will work with your employees/team one-on-one and onsite at your own event venue.  This support  builds on the single day seminar content and takes it several steps further:

  1. You will be able to apply newly acquired knowledge and skills in your own work setting.  Using the handbook as a reference source, the workbook pages will be completed together, and with accurate and site-specific details
  2. You will use the venue’s own standardized documents and systems for creating such event components as banquet orders, inventory systems, CAD programs, etc. , creating them accurately for your own client events

Taking it further, Shari can address areas such as proper use of layout and spaces, staffing issues unique to your own property, event marketing materials and much more.

Working one-on-one helps equip employees to be more prepared and professional with client interface and onsite event management and direction. We address real events taking place in your own venue and steps to properly coordinate and execute them so they are “Perfectly Planned”.

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