May, 2013

Event Trend- Gatsby and 1920’s Inspiration

The 1920’s and Great Gatsby era theme is becoming very popular among event trends today. Check out some of the ways Perfectly Planned would incorporate the era’s dress style, venue décor, music, and food to recreate the Roaring Twenties in a modern day setting.

The flapper dress, cut at the knee, flowy, and both beaded and fringed, emerged during this time yet the same style concept can be used for wedding dresses today. We would chose a gown in the colors gold, black, or champagne covered in a great deal of embellishment. Top it off with a beaded hairpiece or a string of pearls and you’re 1920’s style ready.


The Roaring Twenties embodied both elegance and luxury, things to remember when choosing a venue. Perfectly Planned would keep an eye out for high ceilings, magnificent sculptures, stunning architecture, and fine gold details when choosing a venue.  The space is going to be the backdrop for the event, therefore it should possess all things classy, posh, and lush.

Our Perfectly Planned 20’s event would use era specific décor, food, and drink in order to appropriately portray the decade.  This would include incorporating themed drinks such as Highball, Ward 8, and Southside cocktails. Our idea? An ice sculpture of a lion clawed bathtub serving guests Prohibition style gin, yet still keeping it lush with Gatsby inspired main dishes like a Aiguillette of Striped Bass or a Medallion of Spring Lamb.


The 1920’s were sound tracked by big brass instruments, violin and fast piano, as well as dreamy vocals. This can be easily integrated into our Roaring Twenties style event. A pianist can greet guests as they enter the reception area, while a small brass band can entertain dancers during the evening hours.


The 1920’s was such an interesting time where big parties and social gatherings were common among a luxurious setting.  Our Perfectly Planned event would be no different! Let us know what 20’s inspired décor, food, or music you would use for your big Roaring Twenties event.

Client Relationship Management System

Perfectly Planned’s event planning client management system is a unique, customized planning database that makes communicating between planner and client easy and stress free.  This CRM or Client Relationship Management system, made exclusively for Perfectly Planned clients, will greatly enhance and streamline the planning process.

This is an interactive system for both client and planner. Through this management system, both can access a planning timeline with important milestones and event deadlines. It  warehouses all of the documents such as contracts, proposals and planning instructions and  provides real-time communication during the course of planning an event.

All logins are personalized to the client with the calendars detailed to the specific needs of each client. Clients will be able to import dates and meetings of their own, such as clothing fittings and when invitations and Save the Dates have been sent out, for example. This allows clients and Perfectly Planned, to have consistent communication and up to the minute updates. 

All new clients who begin the planning of a luxury wedding or bar/bat mitzvah will begin using the new CRM program which will be easily accessed through the home page of the Perfectly Planned website at They will be provided with their own login and password.