The Glamour of Emerald Green

Are you selecting a color palate for your big event? Try The Glamour of Emerald Green. It is chic and timely beyond St. Patrick’s Day.

Many of you may already know by now that emerald green was selected as Pantone’s color for 2013. When planning your wedding or special event, you can incorporate it glamorously in the details from dresses and accessories to even your eye makeup! This chic and gorgeous hue of green will make your special day elegant and sophisticated no matter where or how your choose to incorporate it.


Make sure to accessorize…

Whether this glamorous green is the color of your wedding gown sash, shoes, or jewelry, adding a touch of emerald green will make your look stand out.  Additionally, the great part about this color is that you can wear it even after your wedding day. So don’t be afraid to treat yourself to your favorite designer pair of shoes or favorite emerald jewels.

Incorporate into your makeup routine…

Emerald green isn’t just a beautiful color to enhance you and your bridesmaid’s on your wedding day, but is also an accessible and easy color to integrate into your everyday makeup routine. It is universally flattering, so don’t be afraid to experiment with it and even add a metallic eyeshadow to really open up your eyes. Remember that emerald green is a bold color, so compliment your eyeshadow with peach or violet toned lip gloss that will make your look complete!


Use in event decor…

Use gold, silver, or ivory to highlight emerald green in your table decor.  Whether you choose to use it sparingly by spreading the color throughout your flowers and centerpieces or make a larger statement by using the green in your chairs or linens, it doesn’t matter how much of the color you incorporate into your decor, it will add a bold and beautiful statement.

Please share with us how you would incorporate emerald green into your wedding or special event.