November, 2012
Perfectly Planned Weddings Bridal Brunch

Perfectly Planned Weddings Bridal Brunch

Sunday, January 6th, 2013


Fairmont Pittsburgh

501 Market St, Pittsburgh, PA  15222

This informative event will present information about the wedding planning process and how to create the best possible outcome for your wedding.  Topics will include: establishing your vision, creating your budget, staying on task and common planning mistakes to avoid.  Shari Zatman will review these topics and more, as well as answer any questions you have!

We have some fabulous vendor partners participating. You can get a taste of treats from Bella Christie and Lil’ Z’s Sweet Boutique, have the chance to win a of a pair of Tacori Earrings from Chapel Hills Jewelry , receive promotions from Glassworks and Cheeks and enjoy delicious bites and beverages from Fairmont Pittsburgh!

There is no cost for this complimentary event.

Register now to join us for our Bridal Brunch. Space is limited. You can register right from the homepage on our website

This is a great opportunity, so don’t miss out!! – See you all there :)




Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Getting the family together is always a celebration, especially around the holiday season.  Thanksgiving kicks off our holiday festivities and it’s nice to have everyone over for a big meal.  What is the main attraction for your Thanksgiving – is it your mouthwatering recipes, your fun and unique traditions, or is it your Thanksgiving décor and centerpieces? 

You will certainly have a feast for you meal; we would like to suggest a feast for your eyes. You can really impress the family with a creative statement centerpiece for the table!

You could do something very traditional by stuffing a cornucopia with seasonal fruits and veggies, or use flowers.  If you want more of a modern setting, filling tall glass vases with decorative items is popular.  Take the tall vase and fill it with autumn items such as acorns, leaves, pine cones, or cranberries. 

Adding a candlelight will set a relaxed mood too!  Just don’t use scented candles, it conflicts with all of the aromas in the foods on the table and in the kitchen.

If you are using pumpkins as a focal point, think about adorning it with lace, or by painting it with unusual colors you can really embellish it to make it more atypical!  Branches have become very popular in décor, even replacing the use of flowers!  Go outside and find several branches to spray paint and display in the center of your table or use them as-is!

There are plenty of fun ways to create an incredible centerpiece year after year that will ‘wow’ your family!  Please share with us some of your ideas!

Savanna’s 5th Birthday Party

Savanna’s 5th Birthday Party

Happy Birthday to Savanna!  We put together a very “sweet party” for a sweet little girl!  Savanna’s birthday was a child’s wonderland, full of sweets and treats! The birthday was held at Seabase in Greensburg, PA, where kids were free to play in the ball pit, climb through the jungle gym, play mini- golf, ride the indoor train and play arcade games. Bright colors filled the room with lighting by Gray Phoenix and linens by Lendable Linens in hot pink, lime green, blue, orange and yellow. Tons of fun twisted balloon sculptures and polka dot balloons with ribbons hung from the party room ceiling and a balloon arch bareing Savanna’s name were created by Festivities.

The real showcase of the party were both a feast for the eyes and the palate, by Bellachristie Sweet Boutique.  There were all kinds of treats imaginable – candy displays of gumballs, giant lollipops, jellybeans and more, as well as sweet treats including mini cupcakes, decadent marshmallow pops, pink iced donuts, decorated cookies, push-up cake pops, and rice krispie treat popsicles, just to name a few. Flanking the display were an ice cream bar on one end and a cotton candy station on the other! 

Mini jars of various child-friendly beverages were served with straws decorated by glittered paper mustaches and lips. Guests also enjoyed a popcorn station with three varieties from Pittsburgh Popcorn Company. 

All the kids went home with a gable box of treats and toys.  Guests enjoyed themselves in Savanna’s own little “candy-land”!  Happy Birthday Savanna!


Amanda’s Bat Mitzvah

Amanda’s Bat Mitzvah

What an exciting bat mitzvah we had on October 13th!  Amanda, a tennis phenom, at her young age, wanted to share her love of the sport with all of her friends and family for her bat mitzvah.  We took her inspiration of tennis and her young energy to create a fun event for both the kids and adults!

While entering the venue, guests were able to find their designated table on paper tennis balls that were attached to real tennis nets.  The tables did not have numbers.  Instead, the tables were all names of cities in which Amanda has participated in tennis tournaments.  When adults arrived at their tables there were “statistic cards” which explained more details about each of the tournaments. The adult’s table centerpieces included 3-D pictures of Amanda at her designated city tournaments, and a giant tennis racquet with ball were raised high above the photo bases.

The kids were free to choose whatever seat they would like in “The Players’ Lounge”.  “The Players’ Lounge” featured fun balloon centerpieces with tennis ball bases.

Hanging from the ceiling were giant posters of Amanda playing tennis and “posing” with her favorite tennis pros for a dramatic effect.

Food was plentiful during the cocktail reception and it did not stop the rest of the night. Both kids and adults dined at stations set up by Common Plea Catering for dinner.   While a full bar was provided for the adults, kids were able to treat their taste buds to an Italian soda bar, where they could create their own flavored sodas!   Bella Christie Sweet Boutique created a beautiful tennis-themed spread of treats which also included fresh donuts made onsite from their donut cart.  Common Plea Catering passed mini milkshakes to enjoy while dancing.

MC Chris Cross really got the party going for both the kids and adults!  Though, the dancing was just one fun aspect of this party,  the digital graffiti wall seemed to be a popular place for the kids to hang out and adults and kids alike enjoyed getting decorated by airbrushed tattoos. All kids went home with a persoanlized drawstring back pack filled with lots of goodies including ­­­a custom designed beach towel and personalized candy and chapstick .  It was a fabulous event for a lovely young lady – best wishes Amanda!



Getaway Car

Most newlyweds typically go with a limousine to depart from their wedding. Why not switch things up a bit and exit in a more unique way? Whether you want to go classic, vintage, creative, or glamorous, using a getaway car to exit your wedding is always a fun tradition. There are many different options couples can go with. Finding a vehicle that suites both the bride and groom’s style and personality is important. Also, it may be fun to spice things up and surprise guests with something totally out of the ordinary. Either way, this will make a lasting impression on your guests.

A 1959 Cadillac convertible getaway car is great if you’d like the classic route.


A Rolls Royce is just one example of a vintage getaway car.


Exiting your wedding on a horse and carriage is one creative way to end your fairy tale evening.


An all white limousine is always a glamorous way to ride around on your wedding day.    


If your bridal party wants to carry on the tradition of decorating your getaway car, there are some materials that they need to be aware of. Shaving cream, masking or electrical tape, and anything that contains sugar, such as whipped cream, can all damage the paint on your car. On the other hand, soap, streamers, chalk paint pens, artificial flowers, magnets, and balloons are all safe and fun to use. Keep in mind that it may not be the best idea to use all these items on rental cars.

Don’t forget if you are planning on using a getaway car for your exit, take lots of pictures! These make great photos to look back on for your special day. If using a getaway car is not in your budget, asking a friend or family member who has a vehicle you would like to use is always another option. Whether you decide to use a fancy getaway car or not, it is always a memorable way to end the evening and start your journey together as husband and wife!