March, 2012

Perfectly Planned YouTube Wedding Photo Album

Check out our new Perfectly Planned by Shari wedding photo album of just a few of our “perfectly planned” weddings.

“Hunger Games” Inspired Wedding Ideas

With all the excitement for the release of The Hunger Games this weekend, we are sure it will stir up some inspiration for upcoming weddings!  So, how can you create a Hunger Games inspired wedding?  We’ve put together some ideas and tips for you to play with!…


What better place to have your Hunger Games wedding than in the wilderness?  Find a botanical venue that features a forest, or rent a location at a park nearby.


As we know, Katniss Everdeen has quite the skill with a bow and arrow, so why not incorporate this into your décor?  Use arrows in your centerpieces, or in your monogram for all your printed materials!  If you are not favorable to an outdoors wedding, bring the outdoors inside. Decorate with trees, branches, tree stumps, pinecones, or leaves!


As for flowers in your centerpieces or bouquets, pay tribute to Katniss’s younger sister Primrose by using primrose flowers.


For the ceremony, set up the chairs in an untraditional fashion – place the chairs in a circle around the altar to create an arena styled seating.  If you are having 13 or fewer tables for your reception, name the tables after the 13 districts from Hunger Games, rather than numbering the tables.


Though Katniss wears a stunning red dress, you could find a similar white/ivory one-shoulder, mermaid style dress.  Already have a dress?  You could also put your bridesmaids in red, one-shoulder dresses!  In the movie, Katniss wears her hair in a braid to the side.  Luckily, braids are very in style right now, so dress up Katniss’s look, or spice up your own hairdo with some braids!

Food and Beverages

Serve cocktails inspired by Katniss’s favorite drink – orange juice!  We know Peeta’s father is a baker, therefore you can provide different types of bread, and feature an elaborate cake!  Katniss, known as ‘the girl on fire’ could inspire you to do some flaming dishes, such as Bombe Alaska for a dessert.

With all these great ideas and the anticipation of the movie’s premier, fans can be enthused to do a wedding, or even just a party inspired by The Hunger Games!  So, what do you think – are you inspired to bring this great book/movie to life with your wedding? 

Event Planning Reality Shows- What are you watching?

There are sooooo many reality television shows now based on the event planning business. I admit it, I myself from time to time have watched “Say Yes to the Dress”, “Party Mamas”, MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16”, “David Tutera’s My Fair Wedding”, and “Platinum Weddings”. I have even watched some episodes of “Bridezillas” which just made me cringe and I have now sworn off of. I think these shows may have originated with “Who’s Wedding is it Anyway?” which I also watched when that first came on air.

I’d love to hear from you. Please post a comment and let me know what shows you are watching and why? Which are your favorites? Anything you wish you were seeing on these shows that you don’t see?