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Ms. Zatman, who has worked in the event industry for nearly 20 years, is owner and principal event planner and designer of Perfectly Planned by Shari. She and Ms. Kaufman are partners for Eventful Event Producers. Ms. Zatman focuses on custom-styled and expertly designed, detailed special events.

What new trends are you looking forward to? Biggest trend is custom branding on everything. Regardless of the type of event, clients want custom logos and personal branding on their event. This includes a lot of printed graphics on dance floors, bars, stage facades and backdrops. Something that is exciting to see is custom-branded designs literally the beverages — not the glasses — but the beverages themselves.

Anything virtual reality driven is BIG right now.

For weddings, I am seeing less focus on the cake and some have not been doing a cake at all. “Cookie cutter” and matching centerpieces and table decor are going away. More of a focus is on doing “designed eclectic” and also using some big statement decor pieces to enhance spaces and not necessarily keeping all of the focus on the table centerpieces.

What makes a great party? One hundred percent it comes down to the overall experience. There are a lot of details going into all parties, but in the end the guest has to feel it was a great experience for them. Most people don’t realize the level of detail and attention that needs to be paid to everything in order to create a perfect guest experience. It is also about making the event feel different from other events. Each event should feel unique and not like a replica of an event they just attended last week.

Companies: Perfectly Planned by Shari, www.perfectlyplannedbyshari.com; Eventful Event Producers.