Staying Cool and Refreshed During Outdoor Photos

Whether it is your wedding day photos or engagement photos, you don’t want to appear hot or sweaty when you get the pictures back. There are several ways you can stay refreshed and keep cool for your photos!

An important part to staying cool is to wear appropriate attire for your outdoor photos. If you are having a stifling hot summer wedding you aren’t going to want to wear a heavy ball gown with long lace sleeves. Try to keep the materials light and airy, silk and chiffon are great fabrics to use on hot days. Depending on the formality of your big day, you could opt for a short wedding dress!

Make sure you have some sort of shade if you will be in the hot afternoon sun. It is a nice way to take breaks in between shoots, so consider a tent or some parasols for you and your bridal party. This is a good time to blot your face with oil-absorbing blot sheets and fix your makeup. Be careful of what makeup you choose – most liquid makeups (foundations, eyeliners, blushes) will melt off your face in the sun or humidity. Try using powder products.

Keep a cooler close, and fill the cooler with ice packs. When you are feeling too hot during your outdoor photos, apply the ice packs to your pulse points. Applying these cold packs to your wrists or neck for only a minute can make a huge difference in your body temperature! Also, keep a hand fan nearby to provide yourself with a nice breeze if it is a muggy day. Many brides are using these as favors to their guests now!

Most importantly – stay hydrated. Drink cold liquids, such as water or low-in-sugar sports drinks. Stay away from caffeine and alcohol which can cause you to dehydrate, resulting in your body working harder and producing more sweat.

Just a few ideas on how to keep cool – please share with us if you have any other unique tips on how to keep it cool for your summer wedding.


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