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Wedding Elements We Love: Designed Eclectic

April 27, 2018

We’re highlighting some of our favorite wedding elements, starting with a style that allows you to combine many of your favorite components into one design.

We call it “Designed Eclectic”- An unexpected mixture of furniture, linens and décor that can give your event an impressive style. This allows you to tastefully combine your favorite colors and textures and also gives you comfortable flexibility with what you can incorporate into your special day.

Choose one color palette and then build off of those colors with a few different shades, hues, textures or patterns. You can incorporate these styles into your tablescapes with varied linens or dinnerware. For example, select several different combinations of charger plates, table cloths and flatware patterns that all work well together. Mix varied centerpieces with similar elements such as the color palette, but incorporate a different mixture of flowers and candles at varied heights, shapes and compositions.

With the many styles of furniture available for your event, it’s difficult to choose just one. Alternate two or three different types of dining chairs at your tables to create a carefully selected mix. For a little twist on traditional seating, you may consider incorporating upholstered banquettes and bench seating at your tables in place of chairs.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve looked through Pinterest and have fallen in love with several different event décor ideas. You may want to incorporate several elements that you aren’t yet sure work together. Seek help from a professional Event Designer to make sure your eclectic design ideas are cohesive and well executed. As long as your elements are harmonious, you have the opportunity to include as much or as little variation as you see fit for your special day.