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Including Pets on Your Wedding Day

Including your four-legged family member into your wedding day is a great way to showcase your love for your pet and add personality to your big day.

There are different aspects of a ceremony that your animal can easily be included in, especially your entrance.  Dogs make for great ring-bearers, and will grab the attention of your guests before you walk down the aisle.  If your pup is well trained, have a member of your bridal party or family member waiting at the end of the aisle to meet your pup to get the rings.

Are you nervous about sending your dog down alone?  Don’t fret! Have a member of your bridal party escort your dog down the aisle with a decorated leash or wagon.  Both will give flair to your ceremony and compliment your style. Adding flowers to your animal’s collar is also a great way to incorporate them into your wedding design.

If you are having a church or indoor ceremony, it is important to either get permission ahead of time, or know if your pet is allowed to be included in your ceremony.  Most churches and other indoor venues do not allow animals.  If this is the case, including pictures of you and your pet at your reception is a great alternative.

If you have an indoor animal, have your photographer capture pictures of you and your pet when you are getting ready or before your ceremony.  This way you will have lifelong images of your beloved animal from your big day!