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Event Trend: Phone Charging Stations

These days it’s uncommon to see someone without a smartphone attached to their hands.  The smartphone has enabled us to stay consistently connected to our business, family, and friends.  It’s not surprising that most people have a phone with them at an event. Whether it’s a wedding or a corporate event, the smartphone plays a vital role in your activity.  The smartphone has become a guest’s camera, video recorder, GPS, or notepad, therefore it’s a challenge to keep the battery life of your smartphone going strong throughout the day.  Setting up a phone charging station is both clever and practical in this day and age.  It’s common to see people bringing phone chargers to libraries and restaurants, so why not at an event?

We advise not making it an eyesore or focal point, but rather an element of convenience for guests. We imagine a small table decorated with flowers, picture frames, or a set of short instructions. At the table would be a power strip where guests could plug in their own chargers or use ones provided to them by the bride and groom.  Power strips can be visually displeasing. A way to fix this problem and keep the outlets out of sight is as simple as using a decorated memory or storage box.  By making small holes in the side of the box the charging chords would be in plain sight and easy for guests to access.  This way the power strip is hidden and you’ve got a small platform for candles or vases to rest.

We also recommend a sign in system where an attendant would be able to keep track of phones, making sure that they were safe and accounted for the duration of the charging process. This way guest would be able to leave their phones with an attendant so that they may go back to enjoying the event.


Let us know what you think! Would you utilize a phone charging station at a wedding or corporate event?