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7 Things You Need to Consider When Planning A Wedding At Your Home

Weddings at home are lovely and some little girls dream about having their own wedding on the property where they grew up, but there are many factors to consider before being certain a wedding at home is the right venue for you.

“Adequate Space”
Measure your property or use a rental company to do so. If you are going to be outdoors hire a rental company for tenting and make sure they confirm that you have adequate level space for all of your needs. Additionally, make sure you have all the extra spaces you will need for getting ready, photos and more.

How many guests are you having? You likely don’t have enough items of your own to service the number of guests attending for a wedding. You will need to rent practically everything- glassware, dishes, flatware, linens, tables, chairs, etc. This can add up so make sure you consider all of this when budgeting.

“Catering Facilities”
Will the caterers be using your kitchen? Do they need you to build them out in a catering tent? Either way you need to have the caterer do a site visit and make sure they have what they need or they will have to set up the proper facilities temporarily onsite for them to use by renting everything they need. Again, this can increase your rental budget so you will want to find this out early.

Do you want all of those people walking through your house to use the bathroom? The answer is “no”. You will need to consider renting portable restroom trailers. These are actually very nice. You do not need to use Porto Potties. The restroom trailers are air conditioned, lit, and look like an actual bathroom.

Where will all of those cars park? Even if you hire valet parking you need to pre-determine the location where the cars can go nearby and make sure the valets can quickly get to that location and back.

“Trash Removal”
A wedding will generate a lot of trash. Make sure you have plenty of waste receptacles placed properly for trash then discuss trash disposal with your caterer. Have them remove it from the property or place it in the proper pick up location for you.

“Being Able To Enjoy It”
Consider how you will be able to be a guest at your own event if it is your home. We suggest hiring a good Wedding Planner to handle all of the planning and manage every detail onsite for the wedding. Trust us, this is the only way you will really get to enjoy it.