October, 2014
Amy and Bob’s Lingrow Farm Wedding

Amy and Bob’s Lingrow Farm Wedding

Amy and Bob were married at Lingrow Farm on October 24, 2014. They were blessed with a gorgeous, sunny Fall day which was absolutely perfect for their outdoor ceremony set in the gazebo by the lake on the property’s farm. As if on cue, while Amy and Bob said their vows two horses grazed just behind them in the distance.

DSC_0536  DSC_0534  DSC_0551

The ceremony itself was very personalized. From the custom printed burlap aisle runner to Amy’s sister singing the bridal processional. The brides two brother in laws also personalized their wedding by officiating. Amy and Bob wrote their own vows which were both humorous and heartfelt.

DSC_0544  DSC_0604  DSC_0516

The couples’ whimsy was evident in all of their personal touches. They displayed their love, of all things “mustache”, in a variety of ways. The groomsmen all wore matching mustache Converse sneakers and mustache socks. Bob had custom mustache Converse made for himself in lime green.

DSC_0523  DSC_0589  DSC_0599

Their reception was “rustic chic” in the barn at the farm. DJ Kelli Burns kept the dance floor full and entertained the guests all night. After enjoying their dinner, a bonfire was lit and guests were able to roast marshmallows and make their own s’mores by the fire.

DSC_0571                  DSC_0520

For some scenes from the wedding, check out this short video courtesy of Trillium Wedding Films:

Thank you to the many wonderful vendor partners who worked with us:
DJ Kelli BurnsWhitling PhotographyTo The BoothTrillium Wedding FilmsTwisted ThistleLingrow FarmsOakmont Bakery

Tina and Damien’s Pittsburgh Destination Wedding

Tina and Damien’s Pittsburgh Destination Wedding

We were thrilled to have worked with Tina and Damien for their destination wedding celebration in Pittsburgh. The planning faced some challenges with the couple living in London, England (visiting only a few times before their wedding) and planning a three day extravaganza for their guests in less than four months. 

The vision: Friday Welcome Reception, Multiple Wedding Events on Saturday and Steeler Tailgate Party followed by taking their guests (55 tickets to be exact) to the Steeler game on Sunday. Owner, Shari Zatman, worked mostly remotely with the couple to design this entire weekend of events. 

Tina and Damien were married civilly several years ago before they had their two gorgeous children, but with Tina being born and raised in Pittsburgh, she identified Pittsburgh as the destination where she would like to bring everyone to host her dream wedding. 

The couple hosted a Welcome Cocktail Reception at the Duquesne Club the night prior to the wedding to greet their friends and family who traveled from all over the world to be with them on their special day. In addition to local family and friends, guests travelled from Australia, England, Brazil, Hong Kong, Malaysia and all throughout the United States to celebrate with the couple.

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On Saturday morning, guests gathered at St Vladimir’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church as the bride and her father arrived in style, traveling from the Omni William Penn in a 1940’s vintage car.  After the exchange of vows, guests proceeded to an afternoon luncheon at Monterey Bay on Mt. Washington overlooking the city. Guests were greeted at Monterey Bay by champagne, passed hors d’oeuvres and soothing sounds of a strolling violin. 

                  2Z_XniSWmOrlkdTjONWb_B3sKK_cfhxRe8iHlV9WFkY,a_FeL_c_d1tCy_iz0djwD9MMvM8_g-3WiaSJamBIOf0,N4xcrxGCiX2SvUoJ7go79zOU55aqYu9SvKi2Ux6_Jyc     twHcDbuWbPwQgyTgwJ4CPJjff_tGaFhmVsDT9ktstCo,NscXxgy-GWpqj0Hv-ZrjaoYgZxMG7c1AYnRqB6aJxqE,WrQtkk7Rsuhxlx2Vra_tDvZHejVEglYzX0AMtRB2RAc
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Guests walked through the ground level entryway of white fabric draped and adorned with large floral clusters. Before boarding the elevators to the restaurant, guests selected their calligraphed escort cards that were hanging on the wall among greenery accented by blue silk. Dark Navy was paired with warm ivory tones to create a soft and romantic color palate used throughout the entire wedding, from printed materials to florals and linens. When guests found their seats, they enjoyed their delicious meals while taking in the best view of Pittsburgh. The couple was honored by many toasts from their family and friends accounting their deep love and commitment for each other.

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The third part to their day was “the party”. Guests boarded the buses once again and were driven to Perle, a sophisticated champagne lounge in Market Square, and the champagne and drinks were flowing all night. Upon entry, there was a large floral framed board with Polaroid pictures of the guests who attended the Welcome Reception the previous evening. 

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Tina and Damien started off the party by pouring champagne into their tower of glasses. In addition to an elaborate food display, guests enjoyed three cakes that were on display. One represented Tina, one represented Damien and the third was their wedding cake. The very stylish bride opted for a clothing change, slipping out of her wedding dress and into a floor length sequin gown which she wore later in the evening.
                                          -eA_z6Slmo1dBsrDQVi0SaQ81PT1sqUHZP_8MHKq-z8,pSp9ib_QM8ujuee6I1xCJlhy4WnJR3kJrsrUSLvt19A     VGIRynHuRfE7mY8CzbCq3bUovqssRTzMkO67S_Whc9Y,E1ciwu5SsDjGFLQPEhGeiblxiacwCPS2ICsBf01jY88,JSWFfpdoareNc5xICckUH6C09dI9c35tyVQj0dGsfo0     VWn1nK6ugzMwK086E9QvCGvYqrBa6DI0Wr3xmoWVrWY,EjNhYL1_Zqm1nsB31k7QsXkj8el5diNo23ZIumDe6I0,9uDqT9e_fWw8jQviCpEj3Fwsekk_DDZXQg2TORl7cLg

Their talented DJ kept the music going all night as their guests had a ton of fun and got down on the dance floor. Friends and family appreciated the front balcony of Perle which offers amazing views of Downtown Pittsburgh. The Speakeasy lounge included a “Pittsburgh Cookie Table” with 100 dozen cookies baked by local family and friends. Everyone also enjoyed the photo booth. 
                       -AXzFFt42FOsG99PIGMBF9RBlyBsC9uzx4jrSYAWy24,O8hsfEWC2Hm2WHJpzqKZOe7w6qTKBgSMcU24AGcr0kI      -QdK3wrrrxpl2JICSrL3J87mBpv4ol0uUjZa1fmknM0,9Xq_E6SiAWsQdS6j3xlodoLICPI9Mp7udmiL80g7eAE,a-G-GJwn2tjtBEDMmFBrKJiWEHbPLC8hBCQT8_yhIkw,LKz4JD4ShUXw4mtWNhDK3Nva3ZsI1UYWamAZJavzWcs

The fun weekend didn’t stop there! On Sunday morning, all guests were invited to an authentic Steeler Tailgate Party outside at Stage AE prior to the Steelers VS. Cleveland Browns game. Everyone sported their Black and Gold gear and waved their terrible towels as they enjoyed a Bloody Mary and Mimosa Bar, pierogies, kelbasa and other Pittsburgh tailgate favorites before heading over to Heinz Field for the game. 

c2XadOMlOeOHUXEPbITaD6mqRi8pEcw81jqo6Bs7Dpk,9jEIPywyBXYMdw3JCF5mGBCorBvIBWFn0iXt_B-Jij4 F20UdCbIHYVbYkCWagATXkt3LJrdmIKmDfKfXsDu5Ac,MaT7hYCJ_JUv_YfY0McdRwa_WvDIt4LwtG9nfD5uGoc hgeyB2K0F5RGtx0TpWV8BkzQeB2rafUOl1tRyOIU3d8

We wish Tina and Damien a lifetime of love and happiness and it was our pleasure to work with such a beautiful couple!


Many thanks to all of our wonderful vendor partners who helped us make this wedding weekend so spectacular:

Duquesne Club, Omni William Penn Hotel, Monterey Bay, Perle, Stage AE, Aramark, Goldstein Photography, Robert Charles Wedding Films, Allison Mcgeary Florist, Nota Bene, Bella Christie and Lil Z’s Sweet Boutique, Steven Vance, Festivities, Event Source and more.

Here is a short feature film of the highlights of this beautiful weekend. It is worth watching! We’d like to thank Trillium Wedding Films for doing such an amazing job capturing this event on film.

Jared’s Bar Mitzvah

Jared’s Bar Mitzvah

We were thrilled to work with Nord family for the second time to plan an amazing celebration for Jared’s Bar Mitzvah. We may have returned to the same venue, Heinz History Center (where his sister’s party was held just two years previously), but we certainly transformed the space for him!

Jared’s vision was a “Night Club with basketball accents. To make the space feel unique from his sisters, we arranged the ballroom completely differently. The black dance floor with personalized logo graphic was centered in the room horizontally with a VIP Lounge on each side to accommodate seating for Jared and his friends. 

When adult guests arrived via the red carpet entry at the party, they had to check in with at the entrance by the “club bouncer” to be verified on the guest list for their table assignments. Adults were assigned to tables that were named according to renowned night clubs in the U.S.

The adults sat at elongated tables that were a mix of a high and low heights arranged in a “U” shape around a large square bar. The bar was a main focal point covered in sequin linens, adorned with arrangements on each corner and a large grouping of custom lampshades hanging overhead.

Identical lampshades were also grouped over the center of the dance floor and over the two VIP lounges. Jared’s color palate of royal, silver, black and touches of orange were carried throughout the decor. All of the table centerpieces included illuminated cylinders with basketballs and LED glow cubes were placed all over the room which rotated colors throughout the night. The ambiance was very sophisticated.

Adults and kids alike rocked out on the dance floor led by Mc Criss Cross and his crew. They enjoyed airbrushed sweatshirts and an inflatable photo booth that took pictures which could be printed as well as uploaded and shared to social media.

Jared’s party was completely customized for him based on his requests such as a walking taco dinner station for the kids, donut cart and Bella Christies incredible desserts. They were all big hits. One of the best personalizations was the film that was created and shown as a tribute to what a wonderful young man Jared is. 

Many thanks to the wonderful vendors we worked with on this event:

Heinz History CenterCommon Plea CateringBea Nylias PhotographyAll Pro USAFestivitiesBenack, Glyde ProductionsEntertainment UnlimitedBella Christies and Lil Z’sMosaicAllison McgearyAll Occasions Party Rental

DSC_0435 DSC_0408 DSC_0412 DSC_0473  DSC_0454 DSC_0458 DSC_0510 DSC_0415  DSC_0464 DSC_0479 DSC_0411 DSC_0478 DSC_0455 DSC_0446

Rachel’s Bat Mitzvah

Rachel’s Bat Mitzvah

We had a fabulous time working with Rachel and her family to create a one-of-a-kind Bat Mitzvah Celebration for this very sweet and talented young lady. On August 30th, 2014, family and friends gathered for a morning service led by Rabbi Stephanie Wolfe at Beth Samuel Jewish Center in Ambridge, which was followed by a delicious Kiddush luncheon catered by Tallulah’s. The room was decorated in her color palate of turquoise, lime green and purple. Her centerpieces were baskets tied with balloons which included non-perishable food items that would be donated to Rachel’s mitzvah project, Gleaners Food Bank in Cranberry Township.

The theme for the evening party reflected Rachel’s personality impeccably as it was centered around her passion for theatre and Broadway shows. The color palate was carried through here as well. As guests arrived at Edgeworth Club in Sewickley, adults proceeded into cocktail hour while the kids were entertained by a talented magician and caricature artist in the private bowling alley located just downstairs of the club.

Instead of table numbers, the escort cards were an assortment of Rachel’s favorite Broadway shows represented as small Playbills on boards which were to resemble Box Office Window pick up. Atop each table centerpiece was an eye-catching, Playbill inspired sign which easily guided guests to their seats. Friends of Rachel made their way through a customized marquee entry in flashing lights where they found their own personalized cubbies to store all their party favors throughout the night.

After guests watched a short montage video, the kids were invited onto the dance floor to participate in various games, provided by Glyde Productions, in which they competed for prizes. Afterwards the kids enjoyed buffet-style food in the Loggia just outside the grand ballroom, which allowed the adults dine in style in the ballroom.

When the dancing began, it didn’t stop all night! Everyone loved the white, seamless dance floor which was surrounded by comfortable leather lounge seating.  MC Criss Cross and his dancers kept the excitement going the entire night by teaching impressive dance moves, handing out fun giveaways, and snapping live photos to display on the big screen. A guest-favorite that night, the Photo Booth, captured hysterical memories and the faces of loved-ones, which was printed out into an album as a keepsake for Rachel to commemorate this religious milestone. Guests also had the option of getting personalized airbrush tattoos throughout the night.

Near the end of the celebration, the irresistible, homemade desserts provided by Bella Christie topped off this fabulous event. From Apple Pie-A-La-Mode, to Cake Pops, Chocolate-Covered Oreos, Toffee, to Marshmallow Pops, the guests devoured the delicious treats! Family and friends also had the option of filling personalized take-out containers with assortments from the Broadway themed candy station, provided by the Pittsburgh Candy Buffet. We loved being a part of this celebration, Mazel Tov Rachel!

A very special thank you to the vendors who we enjoyed working with on this event:
Edgeworth Club, Joan Stewart, Sherer Video, The Prop Shop, Festivities, All Occasions Party Rental, Pittsburgh Candy Buffet, Glyde Productions, Gray Phoenix, Mosaic, BellaChristie and Lil Z’s, ELF Entertainment, Entertainment Unlimited, Table Talk, Tallulahs

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