April, 2014
The Value of the Day-of Wedding Coordinator

The Value of the Day-of Wedding Coordinator

Why do I need one?

If you are doing all of the wedding planning on your own as the bride-to-be or Mother of the Bride, do not forget to make one more decision. Hire a Day-Of Coordinator. We can’t advise this more strongly. The service is truly invaluable. You have worked so hard to plan everything for the big day. Don’t you want to enjoy it? Having a Day-Of Coordinator will allow you to enjoy your wedding day as a guest and not have to worry about all the details you need to be able to off-load when the big day finally arrives.

What is it?

A Day-Of Coordinator should be an experienced professional who is prepared for your wedding, spends some time collecting all of the important details such as your vendor contracts, reviews their terms, coordinates their set ups and tear downs, makes sure you have a proper wedding day itinerary with the correct timing and flow, oversees your ceremony rehearsal and handles the on-site management on the wedding day as well as placement of personal items. The coordinator will provide overall direction to all who are participating as needed as well as little items like helping to bustle the wedding dress and pin on boutonnieres.
The title “Day-Of Coordinator” is a bit of a misnomer as their work starts long before the day of the wedding. There is preparation to be done with the coordinator so she may be caught up on all of the plans to date and knows how to execute your vision on the wedding day.

What she is NOT?

Your Day-Of Coordinator is not your Planner. The idea is that you have done the planning on your own and this professional is helping to execute your plans on that day. Your coordinator is not responsible for the ultimate performance of the vendors that you chose and your satisfaction of their services. Her responsibility is to oversee that all things are happening according to the best laid plans while you are getting ready to get married and are enjoying being the host and guest of honor. You should ask your coordinator what they are willing and able to do as far as event set up as this may vary from company to company. While some may be willing to set up décor and centerpieces, others may require the contracted vendors to be responsible for that.

Who do I use?

Look locally for companies that offer day-off coordination. We caution you that not all coordinators are the same and they are more than just services on paper. You want to look for someone with great credentials and references. Experience is very important because they need to know how to think on their feet in any situation and the best solutions to issues that may arise often come from experience. If you are in doubt, ask venues who they like and who has done a good job on their property and ask for references. Just because someone planned her sister’s wedding, it does not make her a wedding coordinator.
In Pittsburgh, we own a company called It’s Your Day which is a day-of wedding and event coordinating company only. We provide an experienced and professional Event Director who spends at least 10 hours of advanced preparation time prior to the wedding and will manage the wedding day for up to 10 hours for the starting package rate. You can learn more at

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Spring Showers…Baby and Bridal Showers, That Is

Spring Showers…Baby and Bridal Showers, That Is

Spring has sprung and the showers have begun! No, we are not talking about rain, we are referring to to being the perfect time for baby and bridal showers. As with planning any event, it does not  have to be stressful. If you are going it on your own without enlisting the help of a professional planner, here are some tips for you.

Set the Date

Not only do you have to take in account your schedule when setting the date, but also the new mommy or bride-to-be and other guests that are essential in this special day. The most typical time of hosting a shower is within the last few months before the new journey begins for your loved one. You do not have to stick to this time frame. A shower can be hosted anytime that the mommy/bride to be desires.

Choose a Theme

When planning a shower, think of the guest of honor. You do not want to choose a theme or style that reflects only your taste as the host, make sure it reflects the honoree. While thinking of the guest of honor, find a theme that is unique and will make the shower a sure hit. While a theme is not necessary it does add interest as well as pulls all of your décor together.

A clever theme, for either baby or bridal, is a saying that everyone knows when it comes to Spring; “April Showers brings May Flowers”. Blooming flowers, umbrellas, gardening and rain boots are just a few simple key elements to help bring this shower together. Filling rain boots with flowers (think spring flowers), can be a creative centerpiece. Other alternatives to the use of rain boots as décor elements would be paper parasol umbrellas, watering cans and mini wheel barrows. Spring is a beautiful time of year and incorporating your everyday items into your shower tastefully will be a sure way to have a memorable shower.


We advise making your invitations customized and personalized. We recommend working with an invitation professional. There are numerous stationery stores that will probably be able to help you. This way you can actual touch and feel the quality of what you are getting. If you don’t have access to a Stationer, there are many great websites that allow you to order custom printed materials.

You could also go the route of making invitations on your own. If you are going to attempt this, try to make them interactive and creative. A fun and different invitation would be to use a deflated balloon instructing guest to inflate the balloon upon receipt. When inflated, printed on the balloon will be the information regarding the shower that will then be able to be read by the invited guest. Who wouldn’t be impressed with this creative idea?! Another fun invite is an origami folded paper fortune teller. Do you remember those from your child hood? You select different flaps to lift which provides a new piece of information. On the outside of the origami piece you could list baby items or items that go along with your shower. On the inside, give details about the shower. That sets the tone for a playful shower.

Memorable Activities

It is said that today’s moments are tomorrow’s memories. Games are a fun way to re-visit past memories as well as create new ones. Every person has played the same games at showers, whether it be at a baby or bridal shower. It gets tiresome and not as fun after a while. While shower games are completely optional, talk to the guest of honor, get to know the guests that will be coming and determine if they will be appropriate. When planning, remember there may be some people that do not know each other. We suggest some ice breaker activities that would help introduce the guests to each other. You can also offer interactive activity stations so guests can create something for the guest of honor. For example, for a baby shower, the guests could paint t-shirts or onesies for the new baby with safe and washable fabric paint. They can displayed during the shower and the new mommy will get to take them home as additional gifts for her new baby.

Shower Favors

We like favors that are either practical  or edible. They are the most likely take home items that won’t end up in the trash. For an edible option, set up a candy or dessert station with containers which allow guests to select their favorites and take them home to eat or share. If you are giving something non-edible, make it useful and functional. We suggest items that ladies would want to keep in her car or handbag such as a compact mirror. Just remember it is all in the presentation so make sure it is wrapped beautifully.

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