November, 2013
Dylan’s Car Themed Bar Mitzvah

Dylan’s Car Themed Bar Mitzvah

Dylan celebrated his bar mitzvah on November 9th.  Being a luxury car enthusiast there was a no more fitting venue for him than the car museum located above the Auto Palace Porsche Dealership. Dylan’s favorite car is a Bugatti and we were fortunate to have one on display for him in the gallery in addition to more than 12 additional cars and motorcycles.

Keeping with the theme, Dylan’s logo was design based on the real Bugatti logo substituting his own name and initials. The theme was, of course, cars and racing with black and white racing check print, red, black, white and silver in his color palate. ‘

Guests enjoyed a cocktail style reception with food continuously flowing all night long. The menu included an antipasto station, hand rolled sushi action station and miniature passed items including Rueben sandwiches, grilled cheese and tomato soup, black bean quesadillas, scallops, smoked salmon tacos and more. The real culinary excitement came with dessert when the customized dessert station was set up complete with a liquid nitrogen station allowing guests to have freshly made milkshakes and chocolate and caramel dipped frozen marshmallows and fruit. Adults and kids danced the night away and also enjoyed the caricature artist, green screen photography area (where you can at least look like you own one of these luxury cars) and airbrush of drawstring bags. The evening’s favors included custom printed fleece stadium blankets for the kids and “Dylan’s Candy Bars” for everyone.

Many thanks to our fabulous vendor partners: Auto Palace Shadyside, Big Catering, A-Z Entertainment, Festivities, All Occasions Party Rental, Entertainment Unlimited, ELF Entertainment, Dreadnought, Nota Bene, Grey Phoenix Designs, Bella Christie Sweet Boutique, Lendable Linens, Jay Becker Valet, Rhaina Taylor Photography, Tree of Life, Rabbi Chuck Diamond

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How To Convey Appropriate Dress Code For Your Event

People often ponder how to convey appropriate dress to their guests for an event.  You want to tell your guests what to wear and ideally you want to be clever, but clear about it. Here are some ways to help point your guests into the right direction for your big day.

Include a brief Post Script on your invitations

A simple post script works best for dress code guidance. If clothing comfort factors are not obvious from your venue or wedding date, it is best to include a post script to help guests understand what they are expected to wear. For Example, a brief note about dress code due to weather for a wedding: “The ceremony and reception will be held on the top deck of the yacht; dress for cool weather.” When deciding where you put the post script, you have two options. Based on your invitation design and where the post script fits best, you could include at the bottom of the actual invitation. Another option that you have is to have a separate card conveying all of that information if it is more detailed like the above example.  Directions, accommodations and parking information can be on the same enclosure.

Wedding website

Today every couple likes to have a wedding website. And with social media, lots of people are able to check out your site for event details. With the perks of social media, you can tell guests what to expect at your wedding. “We’re getting married on the beach, barefoot or sandals are appropriate.” You can be as casual as you want when stating what you expect for your guests to wear, it’s your website. If you want to be more clear with what you expect or suggest guests should wear, include appropriate examples. For example: “Cocktail dresses for women and jacket and tie for men.” Even though you are creating a wedding website and most guests will check it out, you do need to remember that not everyone will go to your wedding website. If you have a strict dress code, you may want to convey that on invitations as well to be certain that guests adhere to that.

Dress codes for all occasions

When designating a dress code for your event, it is best to know all of the different options you have. Understanding the definition of each dress code is very helpful in determining what you want to ask of your guests. Here is a brief guide to some popular dress codes:

Black tie: Formal wear. Men wear traditional tuxedos with formal white shirt, black bow tie or tie. Women wear long evening or cocktail dresses.

Black tie Optional: Men have the option of wearing a tuxedo, but it gives the indication as to the formality of the event.  Women have the option of a short or long cocktail dress.

Tips On Giving a Great Wedding Toast

Are you in a loved one’s bridal party and feel ill-prepared to give a speech at the wedding? What do you say? Here are a few tips to help with the jitters, allow you to be prepared and make your speech a memorable one.

1. Write your speech down
It takes time to come up with thoughtful, caring words to say. There is nothing wrong with being prepared.

2. Let everyone know who you are and why you are giving the speech
In the beginning of your speech, be sure to introduce yourself. For example, “Hi everyone, what a beautiful day to see you all here. I am (name) and I have been best friends with (bride/groom name) since the first day of our freshman year at (college).” With this introduction it helps people recognize your relationship with the bride/groom.

3. Remark on the Ceremony
After your introduction, it is lovely to remark on the ceremony. You can describe the ceremony with words such as “beautiful, amazing, elegant, outstanding, unique” or any other adjective that can sum up how you would describe it and what it meant to you to see the couple get married.

4. Mention both the Bride and Groom in the Speech
Be sure to compliment both the bride and groom individually as well as a couple. It helps to compliment the couple on their beautiful day because what couple doesn’t like to hear that they met their soul mate and are absolutely fabulous on their big day?!

5. Be Personal, but Brief
Make sure that your speech is personal and brief. A 2-3 minute speech is long enough, no need to drag it out to where people are questioning when it will end. This speech will be remembered by the bride and groom so include personal memories. If the memory only includes one part of the couple turn the story into how you’re happy your loved one met their better half. Make the speech yours, but remember that this day is about the couple so be sure to include the couple and not just your loved one.

6. Conclusion
End the toast on a hopeful note for the future. For example, “Best wishes, wishing you many years of happiness, etc.” Anything positive to make the couple smile and be proud they chose you to give a speech. Conclude with a toast to the bride and groom. “Here’s to (bride’s name) and (groom’s name), Congratulations!”


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Photo Credit:
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