June, 2013

Event Trend: Phone Charging Stations

These days it’s uncommon to see someone without a smartphone attached to their hands.  The smartphone has enabled us to stay consistently connected to our business, family, and friends.  It’s not surprising that most people have a phone with them at an event. Whether it’s a wedding or a corporate event, the smartphone plays a vital role in your activity.  The smartphone has become a guest’s camera, video recorder, GPS, or notepad, therefore it’s a challenge to keep the battery life of your smartphone going strong throughout the day.  Setting up a phone charging station is both clever and practical in this day and age.  It’s common to see people bringing phone chargers to libraries and restaurants, so why not at an event?

We advise not making it an eyesore or focal point, but rather an element of convenience for guests. We imagine a small table decorated with flowers, picture frames, or a set of short instructions. At the table would be a power strip where guests could plug in their own chargers or use ones provided to them by the bride and groom.  Power strips can be visually displeasing. A way to fix this problem and keep the outlets out of sight is as simple as using a decorated memory or storage box.  By making small holes in the side of the box the charging chords would be in plain sight and easy for guests to access.  This way the power strip is hidden and you’ve got a small platform for candles or vases to rest.

We also recommend a sign in system where an attendant would be able to keep track of phones, making sure that they were safe and accounted for the duration of the charging process. This way guest would be able to leave their phones with an attendant so that they may go back to enjoying the event.


Let us know what you think! Would you utilize a phone charging station at a wedding or corporate event?

Allie and Cameron’s Wedding

Allie and Cameron’s Wedding

Congratulations to Allie and Cam! Their wedding was held on May 11, 2013 at the stunning Westin Convention Center Hotel. The color palate was afresh mix of off white, pale peach and turquoise accents. The bridesmaid dresses and ambient uplighting at the reception provided the “pop” of bright turquoise.

The ceremony, held in the Westin’s Grand Ballroom conveyed complete romance. The aisle was lined with rose petals and candles and the guest sat atop a crisp white dance floor that was later used for the reception.  Allie’s father walked her down to the aisle to Cameron who was waiting for her under a canopy of she white fabric to an instrumental rendition of Christina Perry’s “A Thousand Years”. The altar was sat against an illuminated white fabric drape which later reflected a lighting gobo of the couple’s initials. Both lighting and backdrop were provided by Grey Phoenix Designs.

After the ceremony, guests were welcomed into the cocktail reception outside of the ballroom.  During the cocktail hour guests contributed to Allie and Cameron’s guestbook by taking fun photo booth pictures and pasting their pictures into a photo book  and righting personal messages for the Bride and Groom.

The guests returned to the ballroom which was transformed for the reception after the cocktail hour.  The Bridal party, complete with groomsmen wearing matching superhero socks, helped to get the party started by dancing their way back into the ballroom with introductions and tunes provided by DJ Sosa.  The tables were adorned with an array of high and low centerpieces by Allison McGeary Floral.  After dinner guests enjoyed not just one, but two delicious  dessert tables filled with mini cupcakes, desertinis, personalized sugar cookies, chocolate dipped strawberries  and other sweets by Bella Christie Sweet Boutique.

Allie and Cameron were not only a gorgeous couple, but they were filled with joy and happiness and were surrounded by the love of family and friends which was felt by all throughout the entire night.



Ways to Use Ombre in your Wedding

The idea behind ombre is the graduated variation in saturation of one color.  The trend has since made it’s way into other aspects of life including events.  There are different ways you can incorporate the ombre trend into your wedding.  Whether you envision a fade in color when picking out bridesmaid dresses or your flower bouquets, there are several ways you can use ombre.


Wedding Cakes

The wedding cake will always be a signature part of a wedding.  However, couples are becoming more creative in their choice of cakes.  Rather than choosing the traditional white wedding cake, which will always remain elegant and beautiful, people are going down an alternative path with ombre themed cakes.  You could make the gradient very light creating a subtle effect or go from extremely dark colors to white making a bold statement.  Either choice is going to make for a creative yet elegant wedding cake display


Bridesmaid Dresses

Whether your bridesmaid dresses are all of the same or vary in style, ombre can be used depending on what colors were chosen for your event.  These pink dresses vary from light pink to a very saturated hot pink.  The wider range of color variation the more dramatic the ombre effect will be.


Flower Arrangements

Ombre flower arrangements can be used in bridesmaid bouquets, centerpieces, or placed in spots around your venue.  Where you place the flowers is a decision all your own, however it is best visually that the flowers are placed closely together.


Ombre can be easily accustomed to any wedding depending on how little or how much ombre is desired.  Whether you want centerpieces that go from the darkest shade of red to pure white flowers or perhaps you only go a few shades lighter, the effect will still be visibly beautiful and interesting.  Share with us how you would incorporate ombre in your bid day!


What to do with the gown after you say, “I do.”

What to do with the gown after you say, “I do.”

Some brides spend weeks even months searching for the perfect wedding dress for their big day, but what should you do with the gown once the toasts and dancing is over? A bride can always keep it in safe storage in hopes that one day her daughter may wear it, but here at Perfectly Planned we have some creative and cute ways you can keep the memory of your wedding night and your dress alive.


Frame your gown

Finding a frame is easy. Just choose a design that works best with the room you want to display the dress in. Fitting the entire length of the dress can be visually awing if you can find a frame large enough, although folding the dress in half making the bottom of the dress a backdrop works beautifully as well.  If the dress seems to be to big in width try a shadow box!



Trash the Dress

Trashing your wedding dress has become somewhat of a trend the last couple of years.  Brides have done it all from water, to mud, even paint. We think the most elegant, romantic way to take the dress for one more spin is through some water.  After the blissful, fairytale wedding is over is when marriage really begins and trashing the dress symbolizes that. This couple shows off their personalities and love for one another in the waterfountains located in downtown Pittsburgh.


Photograph Daughter In Your Dress

This is such a great idea for mothers and daughters. Dressing up your little girl in your wedding dress is a wonderful reminder of your wedding day and the reasons why you said, “I do.”  Also, once it comes time for your daughter to walk down the aisle she’ll love looking back on these photos.  Display them near the guest book or wrap them up and surprise her with the photos on her big day.  If you want to save your dress for the future, we recommend having it professionally preserved. There are professionals who will clean and preserve your gown to protect it for safe keeping for the future. If you are careful to do this and save your dress for many years, you will be able to pull it out years later to try on or even better yet, let your own daughter where your dress


These are just a few ideas we here at Perfectly Planned thought would be a great ways to continue to enjoy your wedding dress after your wedding day has come to an end.  Share with us some of the ways you’ve used your wedding dress after you’ve said your I dos!