April, 2013

Creative Marriage Proposals

You have been thinking about this day for a very long time and now it’s finally here!

You’re going to ask someone a question that is going to change the rest of your lives forever, so how do you “pop the question”?  Do you have a creative marriage proposal? For Inspiration, read some of these romantic & creative marriage proposals, stories and ideas to make it the perfect moment that your loved one has always dreamed of.

Have you noticed that every time you go to the zoo she heads straight for the aquarium or to a specific animal?

Pay the divers at an aquarium to put on a proposal show inside their biggest fish tank. Give them a handwritten sign that says, “Will you marry me?” to hold up against the glass.  Or if she specifically likes elephants, go to the elephant exhibit and coordinate with the employees to have a sign hung around the elephants trunk that asks the question of your lifetime!


Be creative and pop the question on video.

When conquering an audacious and daring adventure together, such as skydiving or mountain climbing, record the whole experience on video tape from beginning to end.  Then at that special moment that you reach the peak of the thrill, for example, jumping out of the plane or making it to the top of the mountain, secretly hold up a sign that asks the big question.  The next day when showing her friends and family your biggest endeavor together she’ll finally see the sign, which is then the perfect time to get down on one knee!

We found this great marriage proposal story online and wanted to share it with you. Read this romantic story to get ideas on how to turn a “glass slipper” fairy tale into real life:

To celebrate our seventh year anniversary, we wanted to have a nice dinner downtown but the 11th fell on a Tuesday and I had other obligations. Not being one to throw a fit over such a conflict, I suggested we move the date to the next night. So at 7pm on 12/12/12 we had had dinner in the Galt House at the Rivue. It’s a nice restaurant at the 25th floor of a very nice hotel. The dining area that we were seated at revolves around, providing guests with a nice view of the Ohio River and a small part of the town.

I was really hoping he would be asking me this night, but couldn’t tell if he was going to or not. So after having a wonderful meal and delicious dessert, he asked if there was anything else I wanted to do before going home. Because he had given me “options” I didn’t think he would propose after all.

We ride the elevator down to the lobby and through the doors I see a horse and carriage waiting! I point this out to Richard to which he replies, “I think this is for us.” Before we climb aboard he begins to say “The last seven years have been like a fairy tale. So what would a carriage ride be without a glass slipper?” As he pulls something out of his jacket pocket he goes down to one knee and says,”Will you keep writing the fairy tale with me? Will you marry me?”

“Share Your Love with Us” and tell us about your perfect proposal story! Or if you are looking to create a creative and meaningful proposal, please contact us and we can connect you with someone who can assist you

Our Vision for Jennifer Aniston’s Dream Wedding

What will Jennifer Aniston’s Dream Wedding Be Like?

After the devastating break up with Brad Pitt, we have all been anxiously waiting for the day that Jennifer Aniston get’s to start planning her perfect wedding day again; however, this time it’s not just one, but two!

Sources say that Jennifer Aniston and her fiance, Justin Theroux, are planning on tying the knot not once, but twice to accommodate both of their hometowns and lifestyles.

We anticipate the first wedding to be in Jen’s hometown in California.

In California we predict a nice modern, but traditional beach wedding that is full of romance.  Unlike her fiance, Justin Theroux’s, predicted rock n’ roll wedding in New York City, we see Jen’s to be more of a relaxed, breezy, mid-afternoon wedding that will consist of glamorous and chic decor.

As for her color palate, we have chosen a soft blush, with champagne, and whites to make the color pop with elegance!  Crystals and diamonds will make the perfect embellishments all throughout her decor to really add sparkle and glamor.

Jennifer Aniston has always been in the celebrity spotlight for being sweet and stunning.  She is always showing off her gorgeous body and wearing the most fabulous designers.  Due to her most common selections of couture Valentino ball gowns and her most recent red carpet appearance at the Oscar’s, we anticipate her wearing a chic, floor length Valentino gown.  This Valentino gown will consist of a custom designed silhouette top  to fit Jen’s stunning body perfectly at the waist, but flowy and elegant at the bottom for her beach venue.

The second wedding, held in New York City, would be inspired more from the groom, Justin Theroux.  We see this rock n’ roll east coaster, planning to walk down the aisle in either Tom Ford or Armani.  In contrast to Jennifer’s calm and elegant wedding in California, we anticipate Justin planning a wedding that is full of color and life!

Red and black accents would play a huge role in the couples New York City decor, making the atmosphere rocker chic. We see accents on New York specialty comfort foods such as cheesecake with a strawberry drizzle to be served for a choice of dessert as well as late night bites of pizza and Coney Island hot dogs.

One of Justin’s secrets is that he loves indie rock music, so we anticipate him and Jen rocking out to one of his favorite bands Deerhoof. We assume with Justin’s outgoing personality that the lights, dance floor, and band, will be sure to be celebrating all night!

We anticipate this New York City wedding to take place in a venue that will be modern, very down to earth, but also glamorous enough to still fit Jen’s sensational taste. Much like Jen’s wedding in California, we expect for the wedding to be small and discrete to the point that only close friends and family will be waiting by the phone for the actual venue details.


Do our predictions for Jennifer Aniston’s wedding match yours? If not please share with us what you think she has in store for us!

“Forces of Nature” Fundraiser Event

“Forces of Nature” Fundraiser Event

Perfectly Planned by Shari was excited to have the opportunity to participate in the first “Forces Of Nature” Fundraiser Event in Pittsburgh on Friday, April 5th at Bakery Square! This fundraiser was to benefit Event Pros Take Action (EPTA) and the Pittsburgh Chapter of the International Special Event Society (ISES).

A talented group of Pittsburgh area event professionals created the “Forces Of Nature” Fundraiser Event and transformed a raw space, not meant for holding special events, into a remarkable representation of 4 elements of nature- Water, Fire, Earth, and Ice.

Shari and her team, participated in a tabletop gallery competition using an 8′ x 8′ area choosing to represent her own interpretation of ice in a show piece called “Frozen Fantasy”.

The construction of the backdrop started with close to 100 feet of sheer white fabric on a pipe and base frame. Overlapping the hanging fabric were approximately 150 feet of sparkling crystal strands in varying lengths and nearly 350 yards of satin ribbon collectively, in alternating colors of white, icy blue and silver. Additionally, there were vertical strips of Murano glass wallpaper that were each uplit from below to reflect in the light.

The table itself was entirely acrylic with a blue LED light illuminating from the center of the base.
The stools were hand constructed with bases made of stacked glass block and constructed chair pads upholdstered in white sherpa fabric.

The table centerpiece container was at an elevation of about 3 feet. The opening of the centerpiece was a crystal sphere vase. Snowy white branches were constructed to overflow the crystal vase and create a tree-like structure with acrylic icicles hanging from the branches. The glamorous centerpiece was nearly 8 feet wide! Around the base of the centerpiece were broken pieces of Carerra white marble with sparkling candles to represent a shattered iceberg effect.

Setting a table is all in the details. The dinner dishes were double layers of clear glass plated with crystal pieces in between the two layers. The top plate had the name “Frozen Fantasy” in vinyl lettering applied from underneath. Each setting had custom made napkins with the Frozen Fantazy logo applied and detailed with some “bling”. Sitting on the plate was a representation of the dessert course, frozen Coconut Snowballs, displayed in sugar frosted martini glasses. The full dinner menu was displayed on coordinating custom table menus.

Many thanks to our vendor partners! Festivities, Keystone Ribbon and Supply, ADS Lighting, All Occasions Party Rental

Check out our photos for all of the details.