December, 2012

Holiday Office Party Etiquette, As seen on WTAE News

Shari was featured yesterday on the 5:30 broadcast on WTAE news talking about holiday office party etiquette.

Here are five additional tips that didn’t end up making it on air:

1. Use this time to socialize and talk to co-workers you may not interact with on a daily basis. It is a good time to get to know someone new.

2. If you aren’t sure about the dress code, opt for being more conservative. Ladies, this is not the time to show too much skin.

3. Check whether you were invited with a spouse or guest in advance before arriving with one.

4. Make sure it is all inclusive and refer to it as a “Holiday Party” or a “Celebration of the Season” and not a “Christmas Party”.

5. Tips for the planner- Be certain to keep your guests in mind when selecting the venue, food and entertainment. Know that it is appropriate for those who will be attending and that they will feel comfortable and have a good time.

One extra piece of advice, if the month of December is just too busy for the company or everyone is already so busy with all of the other holiday parties they have to attend, it may be a better idea to postpone the celebration until January and make it a new year celebration.



Creative Christmas Party Ideas

It’s the holiday season and everyone is excited to have their holiday parties! If you are looking to impress your guests, we have plenty of simple ideas that will put the finishing touches on your Christmas event.

We all know how to decorate a Christmas tree with ornaments – but why not use ornaments in other decorative aspects of your party?  Hang ornaments with ribbon inside open windows, it’s a fun way to remind passersby of the holiday cheer!  Grab some large clear ornaments, pop the tops off and fill it with chocolate milk, eggnog or whatever beverage you would like (don’t forget a festive colored straw!).  Fill all your usual decorative vases and bowls with ornaments. We have been seeing this used a lot with tall clear glass vases with candles on top – what a great use of decorative lighting!

Those lights on your tree can also be used elsewhere around the house, even on the dinner table!  However, the wires are not the most attractive sight.  Tie small ribbons on the strand and add some jingle bells for a fun lighting display on the table!  If you prefer to use candles and want to keep it low-cost, turn some of your wine glasses upside down on some holly and place your tea lights on top! Above the table, hang some 3D paper stars and snowflakes for a fun arrangement!

If you are looking forward to having hot cocoa at your party, think about getting really creative with it.  The latest trend for this warm drink is hot cocoa is making ‘Hot Cocoa Pops”, much like a lollipop.  Find a recipe online and find some festive mugs so guests can make their own hot cocoa!

As for snacks, you may already be familiar with the cheese and cracker display that is layed out in the shape of a christmas tree.  Go above and beyond to make a snowman out of cheeseballs!  For some easy sweet treats, grab the holiday (tree-shaped) pretzels, dip them in white chocolate, and add some red and green sprinkles!

There are plenty of ways to get creative with Christmas parties, share with us some of the ideas you have for this year, or have used in the past!