October, 2012

Halloween Cupcake Decorating

Halloween always gets the creative juices bubbling, with ideas for costumes, parties, and festivities. Here is a great creative idea for a Halloween children’s play date or holiday party.  Cupcakes have been such a delicious trend and what is more fun for children and even yourself, than to get your hands sticky by decorating them.

Set up a decorating table with all the necessities such as icing, edible glitter, candies, and of course delicious cupcakes! Get creative and incorporate those Halloween candies like candy corn, gummy eyeball and earth worms, and the orange sprinkles.

A fun touch to the party would be aprons for the children, place cards to know which station is theirs, and to go boxes for the kids. They can decorate and take some treats home to their families.

This simple concept will turn into such a great Halloween get together for your children.

Halloween Tea Party

The story of “Alice in Wonderland” has always been a popular Halloween theme. There is just something about this story that is mysterious and whimsical. With the remake done by Tim Burton, this story even seems spookier now. The “Alice in Wonderland” characteristics are all great for “Wonderful” tea-themed Halloween seasonal party.

With an assortment of tea cups, saucers, and linens, you can easily recreate this themed party for your guests. Invitations can be sent to your guests stressing that “They can’t be late, for very important date”. The décor can be quite vintage, with analog clocks and porcelain china.   In addition, a creative idea for the place cards, would be to tie their names to their individual tea bags.

Turn this year’s Halloween Party into a Mad Hatter tea party with this creative and famous children’s story.

Kid’s Halloween Party

Get the kids really excited about their Halloween party by being creative with it!  Start off with the food – you can make some easy treats that will spook the kids!  Using mini hot dogs and crescent rolls, and two dots of mustard for eyeballs you can create mini mummies.  Kids always love pretzel rods, especially dipped in chocolate!  Put some green food dye in white chocolate, dip the pretzels in, and add a sliced almond to the tip to create witches fingers.  Here’s one that may gross you out, but the kids will be all over it – stick two marshmallows to either end of a lollipop stick and drizzle with caramel to make earwax.  Using black and white icing on top of sugar cookies you can make spiderwebs.  Spook-up those water bottles by dipping them in white paint and then drawing little black ghost faces on them.

Now, the treats won’t keep the kids occupied all night, so here are some suggestions for games. Play a Halloween-version of “pin the tail on the donkey” by using a skeleton and calling it “pin the bow tie on Mr. Bones”.  Tack balloons to the wall in the shape of candy corn, or a pumpkin.  Let the kids pop the balloons, and whoever pops the one full of confetti wins a Halloween treat!  They will love it, just for the fun of popping the balloons!  And of course, we have the traditional bobbing for apples.  But, make sure to find smaller sized apples so it’s easier for the kids to play.

As for decorations, streamers and pumpkins are always fun – but let’s get even more creative by putting vampire teeth in your smaller pumpkins to make funny faces!  An easy decoration idea is to blow up orange balloons and draw jack-o-lantern faces on them!  Why not break out those holiday lights early this year and use them to light up your walkway inside of milk jugs that look like little ghosts!  And use your extra streamers and decoration items to make your front door into a monster, a mummy, or a spiderweb! 


At the end of the night you can send the kids home with orange paper bags tied up to look like a pumpkin, and filled with fun Halloween treats!

Halloween Wedding Inspiration

For the couples wanting to embrace the Halloween holiday on their special day this month, here is some fun inspiration. To refrain from the obvious Halloween references of ghosts and goblins, try to incorporate the fall season.  This is a beautiful time of the year, the dark and warm colors of this season bring sophistication, elegance, and that touch of spooky.

The inspirational photos display a gorgeous, nontraditional black wedding gown paired with a gorgeous bouquet, dark but stunning deep purple calla lilies, mysterious and creative save the dates, and stunning table arrangement.

Let this October holiday, get your creative ideas bubbling. “Boo!” to the typical ghost and goblin décor, and say “I Do” to this elegant mysterious holiday wedding.

Kim and Jay’s Wedding

Kim and Jay’s Wedding

The wedding of Kim and Jay was picture perfect!  Held at Phipps Conservatory, it was a gorgeous setting for the Indian/American wedding.  The wedding began outdoors in the garden with a Christian ceremony officiated by Sandra Monahan.  It was a lovely ceremony with accompanying string quartet, Crystal Strings and bridal processional performed by the bride’s friend on guitar with vocals. The bride wore a traditional white gown, bridesmaids wore burgundy dresses and groom and groomsmen were in tuxedos.

The guests enjoyed not only two ceremonies, but two cocktail receptions. One following each ceremony. The first being held in the garden following the Christian ceremony, while the second moved inside to the tropical forest following the Hindu ceremony.

During the first cocktail reception, the bridal party  changed from the traditional American wedding attire, into traditional Hindu ceremony attire.  The bride wore a beautifully embellished red wedding sari, the bridesmaids were in varying shades of saris and the men wore formal traditional Hindu male wedding attire.  The mandap was created by Gray Phoenix Design and detailed by Allison Mcgeary Floral Design. It included multiple layers of semi sheer fabric swags in burgundy and gold, tied at the front corners with fresh flower arrangements and floral garlands draping within the front swags. The ceremony took place under a tent which was draped with similar burgundy and gold fabric and hanging morrocan style lanterns.

While the reception was being prepared, guests were welcomed into Phipps’ Indian Tropical Forest for the second  cocktail reception of the evening– it was so perfect to have the Indian aspect of their wedding tie into Phipps’s current forest theme.  Look at this fabulous elephant topiary on the escort card table created by Allison Mcgeary Floral Design! We seemlessy incorporated Indian wedding decor with the existing Indian designs at Phipps.

While Kim changed into her third gown of the day, her blue and purple reception sari, the guests then moved into the special events hall for  dinner and dancing.

DJ Kelli Burns  introduced the wedding party by giving a little background on each individual based upon the sweet things the bride and groom had said about them.  For dinner, guest enjoyed their pre-selected entree options which included traditional Indian Cuisine and American fare. Let’s not forget about the children who were involved. The bride had many nieces in the wedding and children in attendance  so  all the kids received a fun activity book and pinwheel to play with for the evening.

The delicious and chic dessert station as well as the cakes were provided by Bella Christie.  The wedding cake featured intricate hand piping in henna designs with two gold elephants on the top. One of the highpoints for the couple was when Kim presented Jay with a surprise Groom’s Cake.  The cake depicted Jay, wearing his scrubs, sitting on the couch with his laptop and two dogs – what a thoughtful surprise!

The wedding was a strong reflection of both Kim and Jay’s personality and what a thoughtful, caring and warm pair they are.  Congratulations to the happy couple!

Please enjoy viewing some of our photos. We can’t wait to see the photos by Araujo Photography, we know they will be amazing.