August, 2012

Bridal Hair Trends

From braids, up-dos, and curls, 2012 is all about loose, romantic styles. An easy relaxed up-do, such as some sort of a low bun, is a simple, but timeless hairstyle. A variation of the low, loose bun, is the side braided bun. A thick chunky French braid is started at a side part, and swept around the head to end at the loose bun. A few pieces of loose hair can be left out around the face for a more romantic look and feel.

The braided style can be done a number of different ways; whether it be a loose and chunky or smaller and thinner for a completely different look. Another huge trend this season is a simple vintage down hairstyle. Brides with short or long hair can create this style, and can be achieved by simply curling or wanding the hair and lightly combing through it to create the vintage waves. Women with long hair can have all of the hair on one side for a more dramatic look.

A huge trend right now that can be a beautiful style for any wedding is the high sock bun, similarly called the Audrey Top Bun. Sock buns can very easily be made at home with an old sock, or purchased at H&M for a few dollars. The sock bun is a style that requires medium to long hair and looks very clean due to the slicked top of the hair. The sock bun is a great hairstyle for a strapless or one-shoulder wedding gown, to better show off the details of the dress. Another beautiful romantic style of the season is the loose side fishtail braid. The loose, shorter hair around the face can be pinned with bobby pins.

Kids’ Birthday Party Themes

If you are having a birthday party for your little one soon, one of the first things you think about is the theme of the party!  Consider the tot’s interests and go from there.  There are endless amounts of theme ideas that kids love!  You can go with a more typical theme, or come up with something unique and very individualized.

For typical kids parties, girls often love to get all dolled up for a princess party!  Since girls are generally more tame, you could try to incorporate a tea party into their princess theme, having a ‘Royal Tea Party’.  For a ‘Fairy Party’ you could buy all the girls wings as favors and let them flutter around the yard, also known as the ‘magical forest’.  Another party theme for warm weather could be a ladybug-themed picnic!  Girls love ladybugs, and a picnic would keep the party mess outside of the house.  Is your little girl too rough and tumble for princesses and fairies?  Maybe she would like a cowgirl party.  Get her favorite pair of cowgirl boots out and play pin the tail on the donkey!  Does she have a favorite board game?  Try recreating a life-sized ‘Candyland’ board in your backyard!  Even if it is not an exact replica of the game, it will be fun for the kids to be their own moving-pieces!  Also, with a Candyland theme you can set up a candy station for the kids to bag up their favorite goodies to take home as a favor!

Boys tend to be wilder, wanting to run around with his buddies.  Therefore, a sit-down picnic or tea party would generally not be the best choice.  Have a more typical party, such as a Pirate party!  Buy the kid’s eye patches as favors.  A Pirate party is especially great if you have a pool, having the kids ‘walk the plank’ (a.k.a. the diving board) is a fun feature to incorporate.  Or, have all the kids come dressed as their favorite superhero for a Superhero party!  If you are really crafty, you could even make all the kids their own cape!  See which superhero is the strongest, having them break open a ‘villain’ piñata!  Maybe your boy would love a dinosaur party!  Bury fake bones in your sandbox and see if they can find all of them.  Does your little one have a tree house?  Turn that backyard bungalow into a Jungle party!  Let them swing on secured ropes (a.k.a. vines), and climb on the monkey bars.  Perhaps your guy is the outdoors type.  Make this party a sleepover, and camp out with tents!  Of course a Camping party isn’t complete with a campfire and s’mores!

These are just a few theme ideas, I’m sure you have a few of your own so feel free to share these ideas with us!  So, how creative can you get with your kids parties?

Budget Versions of High End Looks

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life, and you don’t want to diminish your day by skimping on anything, right?  But, like many of us, you may be on a tight budget.  Does this mean your wedding should be anything less than you are hoping for?  Of course not!  There are plenty of ways to get that high-end looking event for low prices.  You don’t need to spend those astronomical prices for the event of your dreams.

Have you ever thought of designing your own wedding dress?  Sounds too good to be true, right?  Though this sounds very pricey, it is most often a cheaper alternative to buying that designer dress you’ve always wanted.  This way, you get the dress exactly how you want it for lower costs.  Be sure to use less expensive fabrics to save even more!  Another alternative is to take an already worn dress, such as your mothers or grandmothers, and create it into something new!  You can usually turn that outdated dress into a current best seller – it also ends up making your day even more sentimental.

Centerpieces play a huge role in your décor.  Steer clear of the more expensive flowers such as orchids and calla lilies.  Always try to go with flowers that are both local and seasonal.  These are easier for the florist to obtain, making it the less expensive option.  Another way to save is to use your bridesmaids’ bouquets as part of the centerpieces.  This doubles as the finishing touch to your bridesmaids during the ceremony, and table décor for your reception.  Or take an even less expensive route and do not use flowers all together.  Use a glass vase with floating candles as your centerpiece.  You could always sprinkle some petals in or around the vase.

Looking for dramatic linens that set the room apart?  Maybe that pure silk isn’t in your budget.  So try something that will give the same effect, such as fabrics with glitter or shimmers throughout. Using metallic fabrics can give your room the romantic, chic look you were hoping for.  Decorate a simple table linen with silver candles, gold picture frames for the menu, or white shimmering confetti or glitter to give that high-end look.  Or if you want to use bold patterns but can’t afford to use the patterned linens, consider using the patterns on your printed materials, such as your menus.  And spice up those dreary chairs by wrapping fabric around them and accenting it with a bow on the back!

It may be your dream to have that tall, extravagant cake.  But those layers add up in price.  It may not be in your budget, so think about using ‘faux’ cake layers.  It takes less labor time to decorate Styrofoam than to bake the cake batter and decorate it.  Also, have the baker use real flowers instead of paying him extra time to make the ornate sugar flowers.

These are just a few ways you can use your cost conscious budget to create high-end looks!  Have any other suggestions on how to make your wedding fabulous for a low price?

How To Stay Cool and Refreshed During Outdoor Photos

Whether it is your wedding day photos or engagement photos, you don’t want to appear hot or sweaty when you get the pictures back.  There are several ways you can stay refreshed and keep cool for your photos!

An important part to staying cool is to wear appropriate attire.  If you are having a stifling hot summer wedding you aren’t going to want to wear a heavy ball gown with long lace sleeves.  Try to keep the materials light and airy, silk and chiffon are great fabrics to use on hot days.  Depending on the formality of your big day, you could opt for a short wedding dress!

Make sure you have some sort of shade if you will be in the hot afternoon sun.  It is a nice way to take breaks in between shoots, so consider a tent or some parasols for you and your bridal party.  This is a good time to blot your face with oil-absorbing blot sheets and fix your makeup.  Be careful of what makeup you choose – most liquid makeups (foundations, eyeliners, blushes) will melt off your face in the sun or humidity.  Try using powder products.

Keep a cooler close, and fill the cooler with ice packs.  When you are feeling too hot, apply the ice packs to your pulse points.  Applying these cold packs to your wrists or neck for only a minute can make a huge difference in your body temperature!  Also, keep a hand fan nearby to provide yourself with a nice breeze if it is a muggy day.  Many brides are using these as favors to their guests now!

Most importantly – stay hydrated.  Drink cold liquids, such as water or low-in-sugar sports drinks.  Stay away from caffeine and alcohol which can cause you to dehydrate, resulting in your body working harder and producing more sweat.  

Just a few ideas on how to keep cool – please share with us if you have any other unique tips on how to keep it cool for your summer wedding.