July, 2012

The Impacts of Table Linens

When walking into a beautifully decorated reception hall our first thought usually isn’t, “Well, aren’t those linens just lovely,” rather we focus on how beautiful the room looks as a whole. What most people don’t realize is the importance of the table linen.  Everything from the color to the texture of a perfectly placed table linen has a direct effect on the overall feel of a room.

For example, if the room in which the reception is being held has dark walls, adding a table linen in a similar color will add to the cozy dark feeling of the room. The opposite happens when using a lighter colored table linen in a dark room. Perhaps your goal is to keep the reception very clean and fresh, therefore opting for plain white or powder colored linens will give your guests that exact feeling. Or, maybe your idea is to reveal a piece of your personality to guests by using a chic pattern that incorporates a lot of color, a linen with heavy embroidering, or one with thick, black, horizontal stripes.

Whatever you decide is sure to pull all elements of the room together along with adding contrast, style, and personality to your reception venue.

Are you one for using table linens as a pop of color and pattern, or do you prefer to have the linens blend as a whole in your beautifully decorated room with a more muted tones? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Popular Honeymoon Destinations

Do you think you have your honeymoon destination chosen already?  You could always go with a classic honeymoon spot that will be all you dreamed of and more.  Or you could consider a new and unique destination.  There are several locations that are becoming more and more popular in the honeymoon scene.

If you are looking for an island getaway or a beach paradise, Hawaii is undeniably your worthwhile classic choice – always popular, and never seems to disappoint.  However, if you are looking for a new, prevailing location you may want to consider visiting the islands of Greece.  Crete is a diverse island for beach bums and even has a jungle for a little adventure.  Or travel up the Adriatic Sea to relax on the beaches of some of Croatia’s finest beaches.  Tahiti is another classic popular choice.  If you are looking for something similar, try Bora Bora.  Enjoy your stay in an overwater bungalow, kick back and enjoy paradise.  Puerto Rico also has luxurious and secluded beaches with endless sights of beautiful surroundings.  And if you are looking to stay local, try Kiawah Island right off of South Carolina.  With faultless beaches, this is a destination that is sure to surprise with an energetic city not too far by.


If you are looking for a new city and culture to explore, Paris and several Italian cities are a classic popular choice.  Sentosa Island in Singapore is a booming city with plenty to explore, while they are at the midst of revitalizing their city.  Egypt is an unusual destination with wonders that will blow you away.  Scuba dive in the Red Sea, see the sights of the Nile River, and of course don’t forget to visit the ancient pyramids!  Edinburgh is becoming a hit in the honeymoon scene!  The Scotland city is similar to London, marvel at the picturesque sights of the city, complete with castles, rolling hills, and  excellent theaters to visit.  Madrid, Spain is an exciting atmosphere that is all day and all night festivities!  Get ready for a fiesta-long week with flamenco dancing, wine tasting, and more.  All very different cultures, but there is a city in our very own country that seems to hold its own culture.  If you haven’t been to vivacious New Orleans, a honeymoon would be a perfect opportunity!  The lively atmosphere with jazz music filling the streets, you can enjoy their spicy southern food and unique natives.

Looking for adventure?  Several African locations are your classic popular choice.  We have few other recommendations in mind though.  Consider Nicaragua, with enormous waves, a jungle and more you are sure to have the adventure of a lifetime!  Not looking for a typical warm weather spot?  Try bearing the cold in Antarctica or Alaska.  See gigantic whales, go dogsled riding, and feel the cold of the immense glaciers that surround you!  Of course, if you don’t mind the cold, you could always make your way to Colorado and spend the week skiing in Aspen.  For summertime fun in Colorado, you can explore their beautiful scenery by hiking or going horseback riding.


Honeymoon destinations can be difficult to decide on.  With all the fantastic choices, how can you possibly pick just one?  Hoping these recommendations have helped you out, which are you considering.


Wedding Favor Escort Cards

Do you have a lot of detail already crammed onto your tables?  With place settings, candles, and centerpieces it is sometimes hard to find a place to put your guests’ favors.  Try incorporating them into your escort cards!  Attach the escort card to the small favor and place on the escort card table!  Not only does this un-junk your tables, but it makes for a beautiful escort card table!

There are many different favors you can incorporate into this detail.  You can send them home with desserts such as cake pops or small decorative bags with candies.  Try using mason jars with cake inside (same recipe as your wedding cake), and use the lid of the jar to display their escort card!  You can use place card holders which can later serve as a picture holder.  Or put out empty decorative boxes which they can later fill at your candy or dessert station! For outdoor weddings, you could place out sunglasses with the attached escort card. 

This is a great way to display your favors and escort cards.  Do you have any other ideas on favors you can use.

Wedding of Gabriela Steier and Michael Nathenson

Wedding of Gabriela Steier and Michael Nathenson

Congratulations to Dr. Gabriela Steier and Dr. Michael Nathenson who were married on June 17, 2012 . They had a traditional marriage ceremony followed by a cocktail and dinner reception.

Guests transitioned from cocktails to dinner reception with strolling violin accompanying them which was beautifully played by Steven Vance. All guests took their seats at tables named for precious gems such as Diamond, Ruby and Emerald.

The concept of this couple’s wedding was to create a formal and elegant dinner party. All In Good Taste Productions provided amazing cuisine. The dinner reception started off with a High Tea complete with formal tea service and plattered finger sandwiches and fresh pastries along with an assortment of tea selections and candied fruits. The 3 course meal followed, which was topped off with dessert of chocolate cake with raspberry mousse filling and cream cheese frosting provided by BellaChristie, served with fresh berries and shards of Toffee Taboo.

Gabriela’s request was to create a “royal gala”.  Ceremony florals and table centerpieces included beautiful garden flowers in shades of pink, yellow and ivory accented with green all created by Bill Chisnell Productions. The look was truly tied together with the ivory chair covers, the linen overlays that had beading and embroidery and gold charger plates provided by Lendable Linens.  Amber and gold hues of uplighting provided soft ambiant light were provided by Gray Phoenix Design.

All the guests received sugar sticks wrapped in gold organza bags to be used with their tea at the wedding or to be taken home to enjoy at a later time.

 photo courtesy of In-Vision Studio


Brooch Bouquets

When you think of the word ‘brooch’ what other words pop into your mind? Many would think ‘grandma’ or ‘old-fashioned’.  But, what about ‘bridal bouquet’?  Brooch bouquets are becoming very prominent in the bridal fashion scene. Definitely an interesting twist on the typical all flower bouquet.

There are several options to creating a beautiful bouquet using brooches.  You could go all-over brooches creating a very vintage looking bouquet.  You can add a few brooches to accent your bouquet mixed in with the flowers or you could also go very simple by adding just one very beautiful brooch to the handle of your bouquet.  Top it off with feathers, or ribbons to add some drama and tie it into the vision for the rest of your day!  Another great feature of this bouquet is that you can take care of your something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue all within one bouquet!

So what do you think – is the brooch bouquet for you?