June, 2012

Summer Olympic Games Party

With the summer Olympics coming up, why not theme a party around it?  Summer is also a great time to get the extended family together for a family reunion – inspired by this year’s summer Olympics!  Send out official-looking invitations, to make your Olympic party look like a worldwide affair!  But, of course the most important part of your party will be the Olympic games. Stick to simple games such as potato sack racing, three-legged races, water balloon tosses, a homerun derby, bean bag toss, or kickball!  Have each of your teams of two pick a country to represent.

After the games, have a ceremony to crown the winners and give them medals as prizes!  As for food, you can explore many countries with recipes from around the world! Try tacos for Mexico, sushi for Japan, and of course burgers and hot dogs for the United States.  You can set the food out buffet-style and display the country’s flag next to the appropriate dish.  Serve seasoned French fries inside of paper cones to make them look like the Olympic flames!  For desserts, you can bake cookies that look like little medals, or a 5-ring cake decorated as the Olympic symbol.  Another fun treat for summer would be to provide shaved ice with flavors that match the colors of flags from around the world.

The world comes together for these summer games every four years, so how about you – want to get your family together and have some fun games of your own?

Mason Jars

Mason jars have become very popular in the wedding and party scene.  We find that mason jars can be used in several aspects of your party or reception.  Most often, these jars are used as means of décor.  Small centerpieces can be made with a mason jar vase, or stick a few flowers in each jar to add some extra floral flair to the tables.  An even easier task is to put pictures inside the Mason jar, it looks especially elegant with black and white photos! 

Using the jars as lighting is a unique trick, and there are many ways to do this! You can insert a bulb into the lid of the jars and hang them; this is great for outdoor weddings! Also, try placing the jars around the table with candles in them, and try adding water for the floating candle effect.  String up the jars with tiny bulbs, such as Christmas lights, for  distinctive hanging décor that adds some dim lighting!  A neat idea for a kid’s party is to break open a glow stick and shake it inside the jar to create a colorful, glow-in-the-dark lantern!

You can also use this in aspects that do not involve décor.  Send guests home with favors inside Mason jars, such as individual cakes from the same recipe as your wedding cake.  Use the jars at the kid’s candy station for them to fill up on goodies!  You can also serve cool summer drinks in the jar, which looks great with a bright signature drink! 

With so many ways to use Mason jars, the possibilities seem endless!  How would you incorporate these versatile jars into your party or wedding?

Wedding Predictions for Miley Cyrus

As you know, 19-year-old Miley Cyrus has recently been engaged to 22-year-old Liam Hemsworth.  So we’ve decided to put together some ideas of a wedding day that we feel would suit them well.  Though Miley is of course, a glamorous celebrity, she still has that country girl side to her.  So a glamorous rustic wedding is our best bet.  We’ve set this rustic wedding in a beautiful orchard in late summer/early fall.  The ceremony will be outside, with beautiful yet simple décor.  Though it will have all the wooden trims that a simple rustic wedding should have, we will be topping everything off with crystals.  Using chandeliers, and crystal candelabras we will set the mood with some dim, dramatic lighting.

As for color palette, we have chosen to go with deep, dark reds with some pops of bright red, and white to balance it out.  We will be using minimal greens, and much more browns to enhance the rustic feel.  Miley will carry these colors in her bouquet, which will include some white feathers to add some glamour.  We can also include this palette in the white cake, which will be dripping in dark chocolate and covered with deep red rose petals.

Miley has a great figure and will most likely not be afraid to show it on her big day.  An open low-cut back and low neckline with skinny straps would look great.  We anticipate seeing her in a romantic, long dress with beautiful embellishments, and maybe lace.  These are just some of our predictions for the big day.

Do you see Miley in a glamorous rustic wedding? Or do you think she has something else in store for us?

Summertime Signature Drinks

Need some ideas for fun summertime specialty drinks?

Try a pretty berry mojito! With Bacardi Ruzz, Blue Curacao and some blueberry and raspberry garnishes this satisfying drink is sure to please you!


Pink Lemonade is always a summer favorite – try making some pink lemonade margaritas. All you need is a pink lemonade drink mix (such as Crystal Light), orange juice, tequila, lime juice, water and ice.   

 Make a sweet drink with Limoncello! Just add water, unsweetened iced tea, lemonade, club soda, cola, cranberry juice, and tropical fruit punch.

Blackberry Sage Coolers are a great way to cool off this summer. With sage leaves, blackberries, simple syrup, lemon juice, gin, club soda and ice this appealing drink will certainly satisfy you.


Need a treat for the kids too? Try a non-alcoholic Mango Peach Fizz. Just use mangos, peaches, orange juice, sugar, peach schnapps and club soda to make the little ones feel like grownups with their fancy drinks!