April, 2012
Pittsburgh Bar/Bat Mitzvah Planning Program- Perfectly Planned Mitzvahs

Pittsburgh Bar/Bat Mitzvah Planning Program- Perfectly Planned Mitzvahs

Perfectly Planned Mitzvahs was an informative, educational program held on April 22, 2012 for parents currently planning or looking forward to their children’s bar/bat mitzvah.

Topics that were covered included: Tackling how to get started with the planning, Puting your vision together, Working on your attendee guest list, Budgeting for your mitzvah, Event insurance, Puting the details together, Organizing your materials and more.

It was a fun morning for all who participated. All guests received Perfectly Planned by Shari favor bags and there was a guest raffle for a Pittsburgh theme basket of goodies.

We would like to thank the following vendors who helped to contribute greatly to our event:
– Fairmont Pittsburgh for providing their lovely venue for the event as well as beverages and delicious and beautiful plated pastries.
– BellaChristies for a fabulous dessert and pastry display for guests to enjoy and take home for later.
– Pittsburgh Candy Buffet for a bright and colorful candy display which guests took home in takeout containers as favors.
– Allison McGeary Floral Design for the gorgeous yellow rose arrangments which were displayed throughout the room on all of the tables.

If you, or anyone you know, would be interested in attending this program in the future. Please let us know!

Outdoor Wedding Tips

Summer is on its way, and so are the outdoor weddings! There are a few things you should keep in mind while planning your outdoor wedding…

Some locations may come with requirements and permissions when holding an event outside.  Be sure to check with the local police department or town halls regarding firework permits,  parking, alcohol consumption, food and beverage preparations, exemptions from noise ordinances and curfews and anything else they oblige you to have.

When planning outdoor weddings, Mother Nature is a guest that can make or break your day.  Always have a backup plan in case of sudden and unexpected rainfall and thunderstorms.  If you are having a ceremony outside and an indoor reception, use your reception venue as a backup plan! Tent rentals are always an option, and some rental companies even let you put them on ‘stand-by’ until the week of your wedding.  This way, you can keep an eye on the upcoming weather and let them know the week-of if you will need their services or not.

Add some extra details for your guests to be more comfortable outside. If it is a hot, sunny day and your guests will be sitting for a while during the ceremony, provide baskets of parasols to shield from the sun and have a table set up with bottles or glasses of ice water.

Not only does Mother Nature affect your wedding in bad ways, but you can use nature to your advantage!  Save décor costs by using the natural décor of your outdoor venue.  Plan a special moment of your wedding around the sunset to make for an extra-special moment.

When would you plan for your sunset – saying ‘I Do’, the first dance, dinner? 

Titanic Inspired Wedding

In honor of the 10th Anniversary of the beloved movie “Titanic”, consider a romantic, Titanic inspired wedding fitting of the 1912 style and culture.

If you live in Missouri you can have your wedding at the Titanic museum – which is a replica ship that features some of the greatest details from the Titanic.  Of course, we are not all that lucky.  Try finding a venue that has old-fashioned architecture – and don’t forget a grand staircase!  You could always have your reception on a boat for a beautiful setting.

Put your men in sleek black tuxes, and find a beautiful A-line dress for the bride.  To make for Titanic scenery, use lush colors such as navy, deep reds or purples, and gold.  Create a formal setting by using chandeliers and candelabrums for lighting.  And of course, use roses in your floral arrangements in honor of Rose.

As for entertainment, go with a string quartet to play during your ceremony.  As the guests move to cocktail hour and the reception you can provide other entertainers for them, such as dancers or set up some card tables for your guests to play.

A formal dinner should be served with multiple courses.  Records of the last dinner in the First Class dining saloon show that dinner was served in 10 courses. While you may not want to keep your guests seating quite that long, you may want to add wine with each course and end with fruit and cheeses followed by port. Cigars were smoked following the meal. Servers dressed as cigar and cigarette girls passing desserts would be a nod to that era.

Turn this historical event into your big-day event!   Do you have a favorite part or details from the movie that you would incorporate into your wedding?


Wedding Linen Trends

The new linen trend is anything but traditional.  Couples are adding more personality to their linens.  They are using patterns, sequins, and unique fabrics for more style.

Couples use layers with table runners or a sheer overlay to start.  Many brides are looking for fabrics with shimmer and iridescents that catch light and can add some dimension to the fabric.  Utilizing texturess with pintuck fabrics, damasks, or crushed fabric for extra flair!  Some brides are even using burlap in their linens to give their wedding a rustic charm.

Don’t be afraid to be bold with patterns!  Brides are really taking to this trend, adding some fun patterns to spice up their tables.  A pattern can transform and enhance the overall look of your table, providing a dramatic background to your table décor.  However, if you do choose to use a pattern on your table linens make sure to go with simple place settings.  Like the idea of using a pattern but don’t want to change the entire appearance of your table?  Put your great pattern to use on your napkins or a table runner!

Would you consider using patterned linen? What unique fabrics are you using to embellish your tables?

Creative Floral Concepts

Flowers are a timeless piece to all weddings, and are rarely upstaged so they are here to stay.  However, simple centerpieces are out of the picture.  Florists are finding themselves using artistic arrangements to create a landscape for the tables.

With what brides are looking for in their floral arrangements, creativity from florists is in high demand.  Rather than having one arrangement for a center piece at each table, brides are asking for several arrangements ranging in height and shades of color.  Not only are they looking for centerpieces designed with roses, peonies, and lilies, but they are also integrating tree branches and fruits.

Brides aren’t just altering the basic appearance of centerpieces and table arrangements, but they are looking to add more dramatic touches of design with other floral décor.  One popular new trend is the hanging flowers.  Whether they are solitary flowers being strung from the ceiling, or a mass of flowers adorning over the table, hanging décor is a beautiful touch to your big occasion.

What flowers do you plan on using in your arrangements?  Any plans to use unique floral décor like these trends?

2012 Color of the Year

The most trending color for the year will become most popular in spring and for the remaining year – tangerine.  We are seeing this everywhere from clothing design to event design.  This great color is sure to brighten up your big day!  Tangerine is a festive color that is sure to stir up happiness at your wedding!  If you are choosing to go with this fresh color, make sure to tone it down by mixing it up with another color so you don’t go into tangerine overload!  Some popular colors to combine it with are pinks, yellows, greens, or simply go with white!

Mix in this color throughout your wedding!  Brides love the mismatched trend.  By putting their bridesmaid in different colored shoes, different shades in bouquets, or even dresses they are making a more varied color palette that looks great!

Royal Wedding Inspired Dress Trend

After the Royal Wedding in 2011, we saw trends develop and inspire weddings in new ways.  As an important figure in fashion, you could bet Kate Middleton would choose a tasteful, stylish dress.  This dress, which resembles the wedding dress of Grace Kelly, has inspired brides everywhere.  Brides are now looking for modest wedding gowns and intricate designs.  This infamous dress, designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen, has been admired by just about every bride-to-be.

Brides are forgetting about plunging necklines, and going for more conservative necklines.  Like Kate’s gown, many brides are in search of unique necklines and illusion necklines that are covered with sheer and embellished fabrics.  Lace is one of the most timeless and favored fabrics used for these gowns.

Not only are brides looking for coverage on their necklines, but they are also gearing towards long sleeves.  Most times, brides are choosing to have sheer or lace long-sleeves like Kate’s dress.

One area that they are not looking to cover up is their backs.  This trend is becoming increasingly popular and brides are loving it.  They are seeking ornate and open backs for their dresses, to add more unique and beautiful details to their dress.

Brides are hoping that their dress remains stylish and timeless, very much like Kate’s wedding gown –  one that will have everyone talking.

Have any of the features on Kate’s dress inspired your gown in some way?

Vintage Inspired Cake Designs

Not only are brides looking to spice up their dress with lace, but also their cakes!  Though dessert bars are still going strong, cakes are having a comeback.  With no doubt, cakes have always been a big part of any couple’s big day, but now they are trying some new approaches!

Some couples love using abstract patterns and shapes as a main feature for their cake.  Many couples are choosing to have their cakes hand painted for more elegance.  But one thing is for sure, elegance is what it is all about. Brides are ditching elaborate floral on cakes to go for the more innovative décor.  They are shifting towards the vintage style cakes, with lace, ruffles, and frills!  While the underpinning color for most cakes will remain a white or ivory, the décor for them will use neutral and pastels.

With these elegant touches of embellishments also comes the option of hand painted cakes, which many are incorporating into their vintage cakes.  Painted vines or creating a stained glass cake gives your guests more to marvel over.

Feel free to post a comment on your favorite style of cakes or cake trends that you like!