Pinterest- For Inspiration

I would like to share a fabulous website with everyone. is a website that can be used as an inspiration board to post on as well as search posts that other people have pinned on the site. People can pull photos they see online from any website and/or blog and post them on their pinterest page. It is a great way to collect composite images and make notes on them just for fun or for a particular project.

How can this be applied to event planning? For a bride planning her wedding, she can post pictures of bridesmaid dresses, wedding cakes, floral centerpieces and so on. Anything related to her wedding vision. She can then share them with her family, bridal party and wedding planner. I am working with a bride (who actually originally turned me on to this site) who keeps all of her inspirations on her page. Pinterest has been a wonderful tool because I refer to her pin board to see what she likes and read her comments on particular photos before we get together to work on her wedding. For example, before we went to meet with the wedding cake baker, I checked to see what she had posted so I would be able to correctly guide her and the baker through the cake tasting and design meeting to end up with a cake that met her vision. Just keep pulling photos and adding them and you eventually create a collage of images that provide the visual insiration for your event.