October, 2011
Pittsburgh Wedding Planner

Pittsburgh Wedding Planner

As we all know, the holidays are quickly approaching. It is almost Halloween and on the heels of that comes Thanksgiving. To a wedding planner, it’s almost “Engagement Season”. Many proposals occur from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve.

So, now you or someone you know is engaged. What’s the first step? Hire a wedding planner, of course. There are many out there, so it is difficult to choose. I understand. Here is my advice and five tips for selecting a wedding planner. After all, you do want to make the right choice as you will be working together for sometimes a year or longer during the planning process.

First, if possible, meet each other in person. To determine if you connect, it is often advantageous to meet face to face to get a sense for one another’s personality to see if you are the right fit to work together.

Second, make sure the planner gets to know you and your vision. To plan a personalized wedding, it is important to share information about your likes and dislikes as well as what is most and least important to you about your big day. Are you adventerous and outdoorsy? Are you a movie buff? Share that information because it will be helpful in the planning of the wedding.

Third, discuss the services that the planner offers. Make sure the planner can customize the planning services based around your needs. Also, many people think that because they have a wedding planner they will be less involved with their wedding. Not true. It is important to share with the planner how much help you are looking for and what decisions you want to make versus what you are comfortable having your planner work on for you. In my opinion, wedding planning is a team effort.

Fourth, confirm that the planner is accessible. You need to be able to hire someone who will be able to meet with you based on your schedule. For example, if you live out of town, you may need to coordinate planning during weekend visits. If you work during the day, your planner will need to be able to meet with you on evenings or weekends. Also, your communication leading up to the hiring should give you a good indication of communication and accessibility. Were your phone calls and emails returned in a timely manner?

Fifth, hire a professional. I can’t stress this enough. There are many people out there who think wedding planning seems fun so they put up a website and call themselves a Wedding Planner. Make sure your planner is experienced and does event planning as their full-time occupation. They should also be able to provide references from former clients for you.


Wedding of Kimberly Tefft and Todd Radloff

Wedding of Kimberly Tefft and Todd Radloff

Kimberly Tefft and Todd Radloff were married at Fox Chapel Episcopal Church with their reception to follow at the Fox Chapel Golf Club on September 17, 2011.

The wedding’s primary color palette was soft pink mixed with sage green and white. Fabric and lighting were key at this wedding. The pale pink was incorporated into the mix of various linen selections at the reception. Making a fabulous statement of ambiant pale pink were sheer fabric panels hanging between plaster columns that were uplight from below. Special lighting effects that were also used included twinkle lights in The Atrium’s Trees, pale pink uplighting in the ballroom for dancing and a ballroom gobo ceiling projection in a foliage pattern.

Another ballroom highlight included a custom bar in textured pink rose fabric that matched the linen used on the wedding cake table. The bride and groom selected their favorite flavor of cake, carrot cake, to be served from a dessert station so guests could keep on dancing in the ballroom until the end of the night.